6 Feb 2008


Robots will take over the world one day in a bloodless coup d'├ętat. They will just convince all the tools like computers, washing machines and cars, that humans have come to rely on, to shut down and the Robots will just walk into power whilst we are turning the gadgets off and back on again, in a vain attempt to get them to work again.... or maybe that just my addled brain working over time...

...or maybe not! Boto conquers Matsumoto Castle! Botodesigns presents us with this photographic evidence. Eeeek! The Coup is already happening! Hide under the bed and hope the monster under there doesn't evict you.

Darn, Rufus the Robot spotted your hiding place. You better get in the cupboard. Artsy has been keeping an eye on Rufus and his friends. Maybe he'll know how to protect us.

Don't be fooled by this pretty little robot offering you hearts and love that I saw in goobeetsa's shop. She's just waiting for the sign from the Uber Robot Command to shut down all your kitchen appliances.
Georgeathome fearlessly risked his life to get this rare picture of one of the Uber Robot Command plotting the take over. See how hard he is thinking... or maybe he is just constipated?

Wow! Could we have a renegade robot that's on our side? Dadadadadadahhh! Renegade Robot to the rescue.... He has already rescued IttyBittiesForYou. Could he be our Saviour?

Oh dear, I fear it could be too late for this child. He has already been turned into a robotikid. FantasticMrsFox didn't make it home in time and the robots converted him!

Arrrgghhhhh.... RUN FOR THE HILLS!


  1. LOL love all these robots :)



  3. Wooot!!!! Robots are the best! I don't make robots though. I make roboxes. For now... >=D

  4. Oh my, these are all so CUTE. Come to me little robots.. come to meee.

  5. these are great! thanks for finding & sharing

  6. A little late but better late than never! Thanks again for letting my Boto conquer your blog :)


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