8 Feb 2008

Egg-citing find!

Yesterday on the forum at Etsy I came across a ladies shop that made me gasp at the beauty of the items within it and I wanted to share some the contents of that shop with you.

DandylionEggs was on the forum asking for some feedback on her shop and although her photographs could uses a little bit of a rethink it was plain to see that she had some most stunning pieces for sale.

She uses a technique of dying egg shells that I'd not heard of before, to create an art form called "Pysanky". It is a bit like the batik process, in that she uses bees wax as a dye resist.

The intricate details, bright colours and the delicate nature of the egg shells just left me in awe. Take a look and at her shop and see what you think.

I think they are gorgeous!

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