8 Dec 2008


A few weeks ago I found a site called Artfire, through a link on Twitter. It is site set up for Artisans of handmade goods to sell their wares. It is still in beta release, as it is so new. They have invited crafters and artists to join the site already to test it out in full to be sure that it works perfectly once it is out of it's beta testing. In return for thrashing out all the problems on the site, these new sellers are being offered a fabulous deal. They are charging the first 5000 people to sign up for a verified account a mere $7.00 a month, no listing fees and no commission on sales for the life time of their shop. You get your own sub domain. That's an absolutely amazing deal.

The people behind the site really do seem to be listening to the feedback we are giving them and they are working very hard to fix any glitches we find and forging ahead with all the added extras on the site. They will, when the site is finished, be offering sellers blogs, guilds to join for help and support, site participation rewards (artifacts as they call them) and much more. They already allow everyone to view the listings in whichever currency they wish. They have a flagging system in place to remove goods that do not belong on the site and they have pledged to plant a tree for every person that joins the site. There is a list on the site that lets you know the jobs they have carried out and things they have still listed to be worked on, so you can see how the site is changing and growing day by day and week by week.

I'm loving that when listing all the details you enter are on one page. I also like the friendliness of the people behind the scenes and how they seem to look at everything from the perspective of "how can we help the sellers get sales?". Even though the site isn't finished and does undoubtedly have many glitches still to be fixed, I would urge people to check it out and join in now and help to build it from the ground up. I see a bright future for this site. The people behind it have so much faith in the site that they are already spending out large sums of money on advertising for both more sellers, and... and to me this is the important bit... BUYERS too! Yippeeee!

I've already listed a quantity of my Pirate Pixie Crew goods there and found the listing time took me about half the time it takes me on Etsy or Folksy, which made me very happy.

Give it a go.
After all at only $7 a month, can you afford not to?


  1. I just signed up for artfire as well~looks promising:)

  2. I just started with them too...and I couldn't get over how quick it was to set up & list either :)

  3. Just joined ArtFire.com today. I researched Etsy and some others but I'm going to give this one a try. The item listing process with ArtFire sounds much better than with Etsy. Looking forward to getting it going...


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