9 Dec 2008

Goodies I found through Twitter today.

Twitter is a site that people can network through via the medium of mini blogging. Each message written can be no longer than 140 key strokes. It makes for a fast moving, interesting place to spend some time on. You can spend an hour there and get linked to so many fabulous handmade and vintage goods as a lot of independent artisans use the site to get their products out there and seen. You also get to chat with the people making those products so you can ask them all about their beautiful creations. Here are a few of the goodies I got to see today.

This set of 6 mini cards are so bright and colourful they really made me smile. It's so cold and grey here today I needed an injection colour and festiveness. You can find these cards in ndnchick's shop at Artfire. Thanks ndnchick for brightening up my day!

Knister23 brings us these cute little Christmas tree earrings. They are made mainly of glass beads that catch the light so well. Perfect for the festive season. If Christmas trees aren't your style, she has many other pretty goodies in her shop to check out.

Just how much fun is octopus from LadyElevator? I think I want to name her Octavia the Octopus because any octopus in such a pretty dress deserves a name, don't you think? Octavia has many friends in LadyElevator's shop. All very individual and deserving of love.

Not only do we have handmade goods, we have handmade goods made from vintage fabric too, as Lyptis showed me. Using vintage fabrics to create new items is the best form of recycling going and what a beautiful dress she has created!

Woooo-Woooo the train is coming! Isn't this painting fabulous! It's an original oil painting from DoreenBatesart's shop on Etsy. Doreen is obviously inspired by things she sees around her. The perspective in the picture is great!

MakaLeWakan created these gorgeous seed balls. I love the colours and the texture of them and think that they look great in a large group as they are in the photo. They are rustic but stylish and they really caught my eye in her Dawanda shop. I can imagine a Christmas tree with many of this hanging from it along with dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks.

Twitter is a really good place to find new thing. Try it out, you will be sure to become addicted fast.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. I love twitter too! I did one blog post on twitter finds and was just thinking this morning I need to do more :) Great post!

  2. What's your username on twitter? I'd like to follow you!

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    I'm PiratePixieCrew on Twitter

  4. I love those little chistmas ear rings! I love following twitter links too!


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