20 Dec 2008

For the love of Warcraft!

Morning all!
One of, nay, probably my most favourite pastime is playing World of Warcraft. If you don't know what World of Warcraft is, I can only assume you have been living in a cave in the most remote part of the Afghanistan desert , or you have no interest in computer games or just don't move in computer gaming circles. For those of you who don't know what it is, let me fill you in on the details. For those of you who don't care, just skip the following paragraph!

It's a MMORPG ( Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) - this means it is Online only (you NEED an internet account to play) in which you can play with up to thousands of real life human players somewhere in the world. There are two sides, (Alliance and Horde) who are "at war" (sometimes they stop fighting each other to fight together against a common enemy). There are quests to do (One of the computer characters tells you to go somewhere and do something, usually involving the repetitive killing of umpteen computer controlled monsters). You start by creating a character at level one, and you then proceed to do quests in order to get to level 80. The harder monsters you kill, the better gear you receive from them, in order to help you kill harder monsters (and so on). There are so many more details I could say about it, but you get the general idea. The most important thing, is that this computer game, has 11 MILLION accounts (people who have/ are paying a subscription to play this game) - that is a *huge* number, and shows just how popular the game is.

All of today's items are Warcraft related, and they are all from Etsy. Don't worry if you don't understand some of the jokes (well... I'll try a few jokes), just appreciate the goods for their craftsmanship!

What an awesome idea, even if it is a little old (I still have my [Carrot on a stick] in my bank I think!). Made by ellaenchantedshop this is a great gift to give to the WoW player in your life to help erase those RL (real life) writing mistakes!

In my opinion, you are never too young to get in to the WoWcraft, and with one of Teedious' Tshirts, you can show your love! I'm a big fan of 'private' jokes (if 11 million can be classed as 'private'!) and this Tshirt is a fine example. Most people who saw you wearing this wouldn't know what it was about, however, if just one person walks past and laughs, it made the purchase worthwhile as you both realise a shared common interest! Who knows, they may even be on your realm!

I have one of those boxes in that background (I also have the WotLK one too!) - These awesome looking hearthstones are made by ManifestedDreams - I really hope they actually work, it would make getting home after a long day in the office (if you do that sort of thing!) so much easier, rather than sitting in traffic.

M'urgle ewerigleuuuuugl mutrrggol M'urgeglle m'urgugl weutil keriml ReallyBadKitty mutrrgil ewermil wekeirgmil wekelee mutrrglee meerlee kermel weutlee uruglugrlmil. Gurrle, wekelee gurrle, Muterlee mminl mumiml werinl mutrrglee M'urgeglle Muterlee im'chugrllee (werlgugrlmil weutule "Meerigleinl werlee memmml mutrrglee M'urgeglle" muterigleil wekelee Werlguuuuml muteremugl!) wekeemml, gurrrlle ewermil mutrrglee M'urgeglle Muterlee uruglo'l! Werinl im'chmoil gurrmooglule meeril mutrrgmil werle mutrrglee urglil m'urgemugrlinl m'urgmorlle, wekemil werle gurrrlle!
(Go here to translate from Murloc into English!)

All WoW players have been there: PvP vs a Warlock = Psychic Scream + DoT+ DoT + Life drain + DoT + DoT + Mind Flay + DoT = You dead. What better way (other than starting another thread on the WoW forums!) to show your support for the nerfing of 'locks than by wearing one of many badges made by ablesisters? The badges this Artisan makes are superb so buy one today!

Right.. I can't take it any more. I'm off to bop a Gnome on the noggin'! (Im a level 80 Female Blood Elf Hunter on Scarshield Legion (EU) if you want to know), have fun everyone!

Written by Jon of Hyperloop Hoops.


  1. My boyfriend loved World of Warcraft...he calls it online crack...I think he needed a 12 step program to quit it though...I've never played, but I'm sure I would become addicted fast.

  2. I've never played either (apparently I live very near an Afghanistan desert, lol!) but I enjoyed learning more so I won't be *as* lame if the topic comes up at a holiday party :-)


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