30 Dec 2008

Faery Folk

Ever since I was a very little girl I have been obsessed by Faery folk. I was given many of Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairy books and used to love looking through them at all the pictures. Every Christmas eve I would try to stay awake so I could ask Santa if he could magic me into a faery. I never managed to stay wake long enough to see him. When I grew up the love of faeries never left me. I found the work of Brian Froud through films like the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and just became more enamoured with the wee folk. I took a trip through the web this morning and found these faery goodies.

Earth and sky fine art caught this pretty little faery resting in the sunshine and painted her portrait and now you could have a little print copy of the portrait to make your day a little bit more magical. The moss detail on the tree trunk and the faery wings are gorgeous.

Are you in need of a bit of a wash and clean up? Crazy K Bath and body's fairy embossed goats milk soap can help with that. You can choose the scent you want in the soap but I'd say as she is the Strawberry flower fairy you really should choose the strawberry aroma.

Even fairies need to have a cosy bottom sometimes and these fabulous fantasy panties from Bitchcraft are just perfect for the job! Jon was particularly glad I picked this item to feature and he spent a lot of time proof reading this bit for me. Cute bottom missy model.

Now all good faeries need a tiara to wear on special occasions. Thyme 2 Dream made this one and it is absolutely stunning. The pearl, garnet crystal and pewter mix work so well together. It could grace the head of a Queen and not look out of place.

This wee man was found in a lump of clay by Hobnell. His name is Juno and he looks like he is searching for something. So far he hasn't told us why he has a shrunken head on an electrical coiled cable or what the medallion on his chest is about. Maybe when he gets to know you he might trust you enough to tell you.

I doubt my love of faeries and wee folk will ever leave me as it has always been with me and their magical world entices and excites me. I am drawn in by the sparkle, mischief and sometimes dangerous fun.

Written by Skully of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. What a delightful collection of fae treasures!! Thank you for including our tiara:-)

  2. great stuff - always love seeing Thyme2Dream's creations

  3. The soap is so beautiful... too pretty to use! :)

  4. Beautiful! I just love the crown and the faery soap!

  5. That soap looks so beautiful that I don't know if I'd be able to use it!

    And I love that Tiara...wow. I could have used that for my wedding.

    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! :)

  6. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for including my faerie. I am so in love with that soap and with Juno!
    Earth & Sky Fine Art

  7. THANK YOU, we love fairies!

  8. Love the fairies! Thanks for including my soap!


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