29 Dec 2008

Butterfly award

Well I'm very pleased to say that our blog has been awarded the blog butterfly award by Rebecca Crabtree of Fired Silver. Thank you so much Rebecca. It's lovely to know people like our blog and read it regularly. You may have noticed on the left hand bar of our blog we have a list of people that follow our blog and I'm very glad that so many people have listed us on their follow list. Every reader is very important to us and we are so pleased to have you all on board.

Accepting the butterfly award means you have to comply with the following rules:
  1. Put the logo on my blog
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
  3. Nominate outstanding blogs you follow
  4. Add links to those blogs
  5. Leave a message to those nominees on their blog
So I've done 1 and 2, now it's time to nominate some blogs I feel are outstanding.
  • The Beautiful Baldylocks - Jon and I adore this lady for her openness, honesty and sense of humour. She says it as it is and has won both mine and Jon's respect with her fabulous writings.
  • Mithi's Creative Journey - this is another blog that I visit a lot. Mithi is so fabulously talented, you will be wowed by her work. She is fabulously lovely too, we are lucky enough to know her in real life not just on-line.
  • Etsy Bitch - I follow this blog to find out what is going on with Etsy. There are a team of writers there that keep their finger on the pulse of some of the things Etsy would prefer us not to notice.
There are so many more blogs I can list but I'm guessing it's better to not get carried away. Thanks again Rebecca for the nomination. It has reminded me that I need to link a whole lot of blogs on my follow list. I better get on with it.


  1. Congrats...well deserved! - CT

  2. Thanks guys! I was really chuffed to be thought of for this.

  3. I've been a bit slow with the catching up - glad the holidays are over! Glad to pass it on to you, I enjoy reading through your blog. Rebecca xx


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