10 Dec 2008

Need for tweed

I absolutely adore tweed. I brought some herringbone tweed a couple of days ago, as soon as it arrived I wrapped myself up in it… it’s so warm! Unfortunately my tweed cannot be used as a blanket, but is needed to keep my shop stocked up. Tweed purses seem to be selling swiftly – can’t just be me who feels the need for tweed!
As I was looking for my favourite tweedy products, I got a bit confused about what tweed actually is… so here’s the Oxford English Dictionary definition: “A rough-surfaced woollen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colours, originally produced in Scotland.” However my interpretation of what is and isn’t tweed is much more flexible, as you may notice!

Buy tweed and embrace the winter!

This cute hair clip is made from brown tweed, with different coloured flecks – just like the dictionary says it should be. The orange felted wool centre really makes this item, which is hand crafted by CraftZany . It definitely is tweed and it is definitely cute.

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous print for a while now – I just can’t help looking at it! It is a print of a mixed media collage by studiolyon. The deer is so striking, it’s not until the second glance that you notice the subtle fern prints in the background. It's simply beautiful.

This is just one of the many delicious bags expertly crafted by mandinka. All the material is taken from reclaimed and recycled men’s suits. I love the fact that an original suit label been incorporated into the design. With three exterior and two interior pockets, it’s functional, cosy and stylish all at the same time. I so want one!

These Christmas baubles, all the way from the Outer Hebrides, are made from Harris Tweed. Apparently Harris Tweed is “cloth that has been hand-woven by the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra in their homes, using pure virgin wool that has been dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.”. I have to admit that’s not from the Oxford dictionary, but it is from the Harris Tweed authority, so I guess you can’t get more official than that!
Anyway, these colourful beauties are made by Tweed Delights. Perfect for your Christmas tree or even as everyday decorations come the New Year!

It’s not only the outside of book that’s cool, the inside of this tweed covered notebook is also pretty unique. Sweet twee lab has taken ledger book pages, things to do lists, while you were out message sheets, and other different papers and stitched them together to make a exciting journal. I can really imagine enjoying flicking endlessly through the (44 double sided) pages and discovering more each time, before I’ve even written anything.

Don’t listen to those PC adverts. Tweed is definitely cool, whether or not you wear it in the form of a suit.

Article written by Rose Parkin of Feltgiraffe


  1. Cool items! I didn't know there was so much variety of tweed goodies. I like the brooch! I have one similar that I made out of a knitted sweater, so it's a bit different... but yay for upcycling!!!! :-)

  2. I love tweed! Amazing handmade tweed finds! Love the notebook!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Tweed Deer!


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