17 Dec 2008

Snow business

As Christmas is approaching I’m really starting to feel wintry. It’s taken me a couple of months of cold and rain to finally embrace the season and get out my bobble hat. As there are limited posting days until Christmas I’ve chosen some wintry goodies to cheer you up in the new year.

This little gadget case looks so warm and cosy, if I was small enough I’d crawl inside and sleep. But then I’m having one of those days. The designer fabric is amazing – like little snow flakes. It’s lined with soft fleece, ready to keep your gadget all safe, and probably warmer than you. I think you’ll agree that thejunebride has achieved a winning combination of luxury and comfort.

I just adore this photo. It perfectly captures that sense of excitement that I always feel when it first starts to snow. This photo, taken by Jérémi Savoie in Quebec is definitely on my wish list for next year.

Am I allowed to have these fingerless gloves on my wish list too? Please. They look so soft and lovely. And ideal if I’m ever brave enough to sew outside on a cold day. Not very likely but a good enough excuse. They have been hand knitted, by Myfiberstudio from Devon, UK, then felted to make them even softer.

I found these four cute little badges on folksy, illustrated by Amy Blackwell. Perfect for brightening up a natty woollen jumper, however they are such a great set altogether it’d seem a shame to not wear them all together. I’m guessing that’s not fashionable, but what would I know.

Lastly here’s a gorgeous little necklace. I’m not much of a jewellery wearer, but occasionally I fall in love with a piece. Lisa Hopkins’ snowflake pendant is one of those pieces, simple yet amazingly pretty.

I don’t know about you but I’m really hoping that the rest of the winter is going to be cold and crisp. Preferably with snow – a fairly good helping of it. To finish here’s a snowman I made earlier… well, last winter in my garden. I think he’s rather smart, however I’ve already forgotten his name.

Article written by Rose P of FeltGiraffe


  1. I think he was called Cold John.

  2. Lovely blog! Thanks for featuring my iPod case. I think I will make a person-sized one, just so I can fully vouch for it's coziness :) I also adore that photo by Jérémi Savoie...

    XOXO and Merry Christmas,

    Karen @ TheJuneBride

  3. Thanks, really glad you like it!
    I think Tim's right, but then he would know - we built it together!

  4. great features! I love Jeremi's work - he's SO very talented.


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