3 Dec 2008

Vegetable Envy

Nothing is happening at the moment at 66 east - my little allotment plot, so instead of endlessly flicking through seed catalogues I thought I’d try to gain inspiration for the next growing season by finding some talented crafters with vegetables on the brain and what better way to celebrate thanksgiving!

So here are some of my vegetable (and fungi) favourites…

There’s something so compelling about this sets of vegetable cards featuring Japanese Radish, Artichoke, Brussels sprouts, Eggplant, Leek and Radicchio. They are digitally reproduced on cream cards from original hand cut lino block prints, made by Rigel Stuhmiller for Drenculture, who hails from Berkeley.

I’m not sure if this is ethically right, but this gives me urges for mushroom stroganoff… This little (inedible) mushroom is made by Kate Broughton, who has shops on Etsy and Folksy. She produces naturally simple and perfectly crafted fabric brooches. Check out her birds and meerkats too!

Still a sprout, not strictly a vegetable… yet I couldn’t resist. This pouch, or portafoglio as cipolla calls it is lined with amazingly cute green flowers, and is just one of the range of hand crafted items with appliqué designs from this Toronto based designer.

Artichokes have to be one of my favourite vegetables… served with a melted butter and shared between friends. You can’t get better than that! They are so delightful to look at as well as taste, you can see why mammaslittlebabies has chosen it for a brooch. This seller makes a wide range of Victorian inspired brooches, using vintage images.

This amazing photo really took me aback, its simplicity and beauty really makes an impact. Judging from this and Kathe Lesage's other items, I’d definitely say this is an up and coming etsy shop worth checking out!

I hope this has inspired you to buy, grow or even eat something yummy. I’ve mentally spent hundreds of pounds on vegetable themed items and seeds for the spring just whilst browsing etsy today. I thought owning an allotment would save me money, how wrong I was!

Article written by Rose Parkin of Feltgiraffe


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