14 Dec 2008

Artisan of the Week, Robin Lynne

When I joined Artfire a month ago I took a virtual tour around the shops there and came across so many beautiful goods. There were a few shops that really caught my eye and made me want to invite the owners of these shops to become Artisans of the Week. Today We have the first of that group. I chose to feature this artist because of the stunning photographs in her shop. The instant I opened up the shop page I was utterly wowed by the colours, forms and subjects of her work and I just had to share them with you all. Thankfully Robin Lynne agreed to take part in our blog, so here she is to tell you a little about herself.

1. Could you please introduce us to who you are and what you do?

My name is Robin Lynne and I'm a multi-talented artist living in Savannah, Georgia. My main "focus" (a little photography humor there) is photography, but I also enjoy designing jewelry and making soap.

2. What led you to take up your craft?
My mother was/is a photographer, so I guess maybe genetics - but I also love the gratification I get from capturing the *perfect* photograph. As far as my other arts & craft interests, I'll try anything once!

3. Which part of your work do you most enjoy?
The post-processing of my photographs is pretty fun to me. You can never really tell how a photograph will look on a tiny LCD screen - but once I get home and unload all the files to my laptop, I get to see how well (or how not so well) things turned out. It's like a treasure hunt, trying to find the best of my shots.

4. Which part do you find hardest?
I like to think it's all easy, but coming up with titles for my photographs is pretty tough. If I had my way, I'd just have a portfolio filled with "Untitled #" images, but that would get confusing, so I try really hard to come up with original titles.

5.Where do you hope to be in 1 year’s time?
Hopefully I'll still be photographing - and maybe have a few pieces in a gallery or two, or three. I'm still in a pretty 'new' stage with my work, baby steps!

6. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
"Just keep shooting."

7. Name other artisans sites/shops would you recommend are worth a visit?
Wow - I recommend visiting every single independent artist you can find on the net - we need you! Most specifically though, I'd say everyone should peek at Timothy Adam's work, at least once. He makes the cutest little camera necklaces - one day, I hope to get one for myself! Visit his artfire shop and take a look.

8. What is your favourite sandwich filling?
Believe it or not, spaghetti. I've got a weird 'thing' for spaghetti sandwiches.

Thank you for being part of our Blog Robin Lynne! I had a hard time trying to choose which of your pictures to show the readers, because they are all so beautiful I wanted to include them all. We've never had anyone link us to a photo of their favourite sandwich before either! More of Robin Lynne's photos can be see on Flickr, so be sure to check her out there too.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it. The picture of the tree-lined avenue with lamps reminds me of the paintings of Thomas Kinkade.
    BTW, the link to Timothy Adams in No.7 is broken :(

  2. Oops, my mistake. It's fixed now. Thank you for the heads up and the lovely feedback. Robin's work is beautiful!


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