22 Dec 2008

Flickr Finds!

A few days ago I started up a new Flickr group to run along side the Autonomous Artisan blog. The group is a way for people to show off the beautiful handmade goods they make or find other people selling. Feel free all you Flickr users to come along and join the group. Both buyers and sellers are welcome. If you find some fabulous handmade goodies out there you'd like to share with us, link us to them on the group. If you make gorgeous items that are for sale, share your talent with the world of Flickr! We will be using some of the selections people put on there on the main blog.

This lovely heart was one of the first photos added to the group. It's so bright and colourful I just had to show it off on the blog. Vintage Town has created an item that made me smile as soon as I spotted it. I also love her tea cosies.

This linoprint from Carol King really grabbed my attention. I adore the subtle colours and the texture of the handmade paper. We used to have a ficus tree in our garden when I was a child and this print just took me back to long sunny afternoons in that garden.

Bumbling B added this photo to the group. A new line in her shop, Cup cosies! What a fabulous way to keep your tea/coffee warm for a bit longer and stop you from scolding your hands on a hot cup.

Mea Culpa Body & Bath makes this zen garden hand and body lotion. If you have the winter blues, why not try out some of this lotion to soften your winter chilled skin.

This unusual pendant was posted to the group by DBVictoria. I liked the iridescent colours of it, kind of like the feathers of a kingfisher that lives on the canal down the road from our house. The blues and greens flash so beautifully in the sunshine and I'm guessing the same will be true of this pendant. Beautiful!

So come along to the Flickr group and find even more fantastic hand crafted goods. There really is a huge number of artisans out there pouring love into their craft to make gorgeous goodies for everyone to share in.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. Hi Lynne,
    A flickr group is a great way to share inspiration. I left flickr for personal reasons but I still have a few Groups bookmarked just to look at all the lovely stuff! Just a friendly caution- selling or cataloging products from or on flickr is against policy and members accounts can be removed without warning. There are many discussions on their forums (also on etsy forums) about this happening. Some people will even go so far as check your blog and if you are selling via flickr photos on your blog, they will report it. You will need to be careful how you go about it.

  2. We aren't selling anything on the blog, we are just showing off peoples work that is for sale elsewhere. If flickr dislikes me doing that then I guess I'll have to close the group.

  3. I like this idea, its only exposure - no blunt selling and stuff


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