12 Feb 2008

Independent UK Sellers

Here in the United Kingdom we have lots of very talented people making and selling their own wares. It sometimes amazes me that such a small island can be home to so many amazing artisans. Today I'm going to share with you a few of the artists that sell their goods on Etsy. I was so confident in the skills of the British artists that I just asked in the street team thread for the first 6-7 of them to happen by to post up a link to their shop. Here are those people...

As a nation of tea drinkers I thought I'd show you Romeria's tea cosy first. I'm not sure if the tea cosy is something people use around the world but they really are popular in the UK. This pretty one is perfect as a valentine gift for your tea loving partner. Serve them up breakfast in bed with this cosy keeping the pot warm whilst you have a quick cuddle.

Now this item is a bit of a strange but beautiful creation by debsmuddle. I have never before seen a felted rock. It's soft and woolly warm yet it represents perfectly something that by nature is hard and cold. The juxtaposition of these to elementally different items captured my imagination.

Don't be fooled by the name, these Canadian nutty squares are made by the fabulous British cook Marmalady. Every time I visit her shop I start to drool. All the pictures look so yummy! Sadly for me I'm wheat intolerant, so can't sample the delights, but I have it on good authority that they taste even better than they look.

Moopf is a fabulous artist that sells his work on etsy in the form of badges, magnets, cards and stickers. I picked this design from his bright and bold collection because it's called "Amoeba" and as a woman that used to be a microbiologist in a former career, how could I pass these little buddies by. Moopf is running a free sticker give away at the moment too. So go take a look!

Now I have the Jewellery designer All Those Threes work for you to marvel at. These pieces are called Tibet Lotus Earrings and the name really suites their beauty, and delicate style. All the elements that make them up sit so well together, from the tiny pink-red seed beads to the natural brass all surrounding the turquoise gemstones. They are a delight to see and would get you many admiring glances when you where them. All Those Threes' shop is full of such gorgeous pieces. Well worth a visit!

You know when you visit a shop and every single item in it just makes your eyes bulge with delight and you can't wait to poke about on all the shelves, even the ones right up the back corner? Well Bunny has a shop on etsy that is just like that for me. I could have featured any one of her items and waxed lyrical about them, but I chose to show you these because from the first day I found etsy I have been hankering over this pair of beautiful sexy bat shoes. If only I could walk in high heels and if only they had been a size 4 I think I would have them in my grasp by now!

Askey is another British artist that I admire. Her work has a simplicity and feeling of airy space about them. She is a master of only using one line to denote something I would probably take 12 for. Her use of colour also is stunning. Her ability to make the few colours she does use zing out but not appear garish is not a talent all that many people have. As well as this print, I very much like "Storm clouds" and "red shoes".

I think you will agree, for a random pick of sellers they all came up trumps! Britain is so full of amazing artist and this random selection just proves that fact. Yay for the UK! You all ROCK!


  1. Thank you for featuring my 'rock' your description is so good I need you to write all mine from now on

  2. that nutty square looks absolutely delicious.
    excellent picks!

  3. Thanks so much for adding me to your blog.
    I'm so glad you love the shoes! :D

  4. fabtastic...they all look great. I shall bookmark you blog.

  5. I love that felted rock! It adds a terrific twist to the old pet rock fad.

  6. This is a really nice blog! I love all the featured artists here - great eye!

  7. hurray for uk etsy! i'm not afraid to say we rock :D



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