2 May 2009

Artfire Aussies

Last weekend we had a visitation from our gorgeous and talented friend Flynt who's from Australia. On Wednesday she left to start her trip home to Oz via a few friends in London and I already miss her smiling cheerful aura. So to try and cheer myself up I decided to search through Artfire for some Australian sellers work to share with you all.

WhimsiGals shop makes me smile a lot. It is full of art doll brooches and necklaces. This purple spirit doll has such a beautiful face. Check out her other items, the descriptions explain the inspiration behind each one

Hehe! Aren't these cute glass bead bugs divine? With glow in the gark eyes Girl Friday 1962 has really created great feature beads in these little doodlebugs. Each one has a charater of it's own. They maybe small but they are each very individual.

Springtime's quilt has made me feel like curling up under a blanket on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. I have a really sore throat and am feeling very tired and run down today. This lovely cotton chenille and flannel cot blanket might not be big enough for me, but it's perfect for swaddling up a baby in.

Patti Flynn's four blokes soaps just sounded so Australian that I had to feature them. I love the colour of them too and the swirly textured tops just adds to their charm. They are a mixture of scents designed to appeal to the man in your life. So go on, shine up your fella with some of these!

Woof-Woof! You can find this confuzzed looking blue doggie in Art by Kim Magee's shop. This is a high quality print of original work by Kim. I just love the quizical look on his face. Maybe a nice bowl of dog biscuits would make him feel better.

There are many more Australian sellers on Artfire. You can find many more of them in the Australian Guild. They may well be on the other side of the earth to you but all that I have found so far are happy to ship world wide.

Now all I have to do is get over my fear of being locked in Aircrafts and I'll be to fly over to Oz to see all my friends and maybe meet a few Artfire sellers in person.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. thanks so much for posting my woof woof print on your blog,I really appreciate it
    cheers kim x


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