20 May 2009

Monthly Creative Challenge Update.

Morning all. I'm running a bit late today and my body is in slow motion too, so to cheer myself up I thought I'd look through the entries we have for this months Creative Challenge. We already had some beautiful entries this month and there is still time if you want to get involved. I love the different ways each person interprets the topic. May's topic is 'children'.

The first person to add items to the Flickr group is the ever so lovely PrincessTigerMouse. This lady, despite her busy life with a young baby, is passionate about crafts and arts and regularly enters our creative challenges. Each time she does she creates something new and beautiful to share with us. She is a very talented woman, and her baby Izzy is gorgeous!

SaraCarr is a new comer to our challenge and is most welcome. This little man above is called Bert and he just tugged at my heart strings as he reminded me of Humpty Dumpty I used to own when I was a child. He looks to me like he is sleep walking. He needs to be tucked back up in bed. Beautiful work Sara!

Ok so now your heart has melted and you have stopped saying "Ahhhhh" I'll tell you who this beautiful baby is. This little munchkin is the nephew of Starpixie and this is him at 7 weeks old. Starpixie is a very talented photographer as this photo shows. She has a great eye for composition and lighting. We have featured her photos before and I would strongly advise you to check out her work on Flickr.

There are many people in Firefly's nest and as the picture says they are crowded. Coming from a family of 4 children I know that feeling of being crowded in. I love the way the nest/basket is drawn in this picture and adore the multicoloured patterned bodies of the people. They all seem very happy to be squished in together. I think this would look fabulous framed and on the wall of a children's bedroom.

Thank you to all those that have already submitted items and all of you that haven't yet but are thinking about it, well get a wriggle on. I'm longing to see what you can create!

Written my Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoop

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