7 May 2009

Handmade in Wales

Wales is a stunningly beautiful place to live. We have hills, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, trees, grass, castles and amazing views. All of which leads to people being inspired to create. Today I have five fellow Welsh artisans work to show you.

Hopscotch is a free form fabric and fibre artist. When you look at her work you can see the inspirations she takes from nature, colours and textures around her. The work has a very organic feel to it as if it has grown lovingly from her fingers. Very beautiful and very exciting to see. You can see her passion for her work in every piece.

Clair Wolfe is a jewellery designer that creates predominantly in silver a large range of styles. I adore the piece above for it's asymmetric simple design. A lot of her work is also inspired by nature. Simplicity in jewellery is my love and Clair has so many stunningly stylish pieces that appeal to me. Take a look through her site and see for yourself the beauty it holds within.

Liz Plummer works in textiles and print. Her work, again is very obviously inspired by her surroundings and places she has been. There is a great feeling of texture and depth in Liz's work. The piece above is entitled 'Dilapidation' and is inspired by how beauty can be found in things that are decaying. I agree, the way things weather and fall apart intrigue me. It's as if they are returning to the component parts so that something new can grow from those components. Liz and her work have captured my imagination.

Jane of Hooked Yarn share a passion with me for yarn and uses her crochet skills to make useful and beautiful goods. These hair clips are just so cute. The colour combination is just perfect. Jane also uses her crochet skills to make jewellery from wire and beads. This is something I've never tried. Jane has mastered the craft as you can see in her shop. I love that wire that is so very strong can be made to look so delicate, giving the pieces such an elegant look.

Magic Pumpkins & Faery Dust is a site that I love. It really appeals to my Pirate Pixie side. The site is full of fun hand crafted goods that can inspire imagination. From Unicorns to faeries and Kings to pixie boots, this site bulges at the seams with delightful joy. In this fast moving, pressure filled life, I think we all, young and old, need to take time to be creative in our minds. Let your mind dream of being a magical wizard or a princess in a tutu. Yes it's not real and yes somewhere those bills are still waiting to be paid, but set your mind free for a few minutes each day. You'd be surprised just how much fun it is and just how much better life feels when you do.

So as you can see, Wales is a place that creativity thrives and imaginations soar. Maybe it's down to the mountains blocking some of our view, so we always have the ability to fantasize about what is on the other side, or maybe it is in our Celtic blood. Whatever it is I'm so glad to be living in a place were the rivers run deep, the grass grows a lush green and the land rises up to meet the sky.

Written by Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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