16 May 2009

Pet Presents

As a human that is owned by two cats (yes I did say owned, my cats definitely think they are in charge) I was nagged by Weapon X and Widget into finding new gifts for them. They would only stop pestering me after I had fed them biccytastics and catty-num-nums, opened the back door for them to have a quick run around and plumped up their pillows and fed them cream cheese from a silver spoon... well ok, no not really, but they are so gorgeous they do deserve some little presents, so I had a bit of a look around to see what was on offer.

Vintage Renaissance combines my love of kitties and my love of finding new uses for things. This fabulous cat bed is funky, fun and recycled. Four Vintage legs, supporting half a vintage suitcase, filled with a comfy cushion, and hey presto, a gorgeous cat bed!

Art by Joni will paint you a portrait of your fluffy family member. I think Weapon X would like this. He is always attention seeking like a tiny toddler shouting "Look at me! Look at me!" He'd be thrilled to have a portrait of himself hanging on the wall, being centre of attention.

This catnip goldfish from The Pink Fairy Cake would make Widget really happy. He could pick it up and rub it around his face in delight. Catnip does strange things to cats. If you have never seen it you can do a search on You Tube. There are loads of spaced out cats on there.

Re-collect by Katcha has made all these gorgeous collars from recycled tires. I thing Widget and Weapon X would like to strut their funky stuff in the garden in these. They would look more butch, which might scare off the feral cat that keeps trying to fight with them.

Now for that cat that's either too lazy or too old to bend down to eat their dinner Designer Dining has just what they need. This mosaic bowl stand lifts their food up off the floor. Widget at 14 years is starting to get a bit achy and ouchy and would probably love his dinner to be served closer to his face to save on bending down to eat.

Handmade spectacular pet gifts are out there. Just go and have a look around to see what you can get your animal family members. You'd be amazed!

Written by Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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