8 May 2009

New Sellers on Coriandr

Coriandr is growing larger every day and more sellers with gorgeous handmade goods are signing up to share their wares with the world. Mathew, the creator of Coriandr has lots of great plans for the site, which I think will help to increase it's traffic and status in the handmade market, so if you are dithering about which site to sign up with to sell your handmade goods and supplies, I'd like to suggest that Coriandr is a good bet. If you are longing to buy well made handmade goods... well you are welcome at Coriandr too. Here are some of the work of the latest people to sign up with the site.

Zoeest is a shop run by Zoe Woods who designs and creates all the distinctive brooches and pendants in her range. The range is very beautiful and it is of no surprise to me that it is stocked in shops in the UK, USA and Australia too.
Carnethie Design's shop is full of goods and accessories for babies. They are all created from organic cotton fabrics which means no pesticides or other chemicals have been used in the growing of the cotton plants. Great! Perfect for babies.

Sisters Bead Gallery, as the name suggests is a collaboration of work by two sisters that like to come together over their beading work to share a passion of a craft and a love of design. Lots of sisterly love go into each piece, so buy and enjoy items created out of happiness.

Oh my, how I love this tweed bear from Slack Stitches. His happy smile and rounded form makes me just want to hug and squeeze him. He isn't designed for small children, he is a bear meant for us oldies that are young at heart. I adore him!

Yesterday I noticed a thread on the forum at Coriandr introducing Heart and Soil Basket and after clicking on her name to get to her shop I was utterly wowed by the collection for beautiful traditionally crafted willow baskets. I think we might have to invite Hen to be an Artisan of the Week here on Autonomous Artisans.

Coriandr has so many shops full of gorgeous, lovingly hand crafted goods and art. If you have a little time today why not check it out and find out for yourself just how many amazing artisans and artists are selling there.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Thanks for including my bear Lynne. The reason that he is for the older young at heart is that the tweed would be difficult to clean other than by damp sponging, also the eyes. I must get some of my child friendly ones done again using corduroy cotton and fleece.

  2. Thanks for adding me to your blog, Lynne, really lovely to read your comments and to be welcomed to coriandr. Keep up the good work.


  3. Great article Lynne!

    Coriandr is DEFINITELY worth checking out, there are some great pieces to buy...and just a little reminder to potential sellers – your products stay live on the site until they sell...you won't have to relist them every few months! Fantastic value!

  4. I love Coriandr, I like the friendly feel to the place, other sellers help out on the forum. And to top that there are some amazing items for sale there. Something for everyone.

  5. Fabulous finds - there are so many varied and lovely things on Coriandr.


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