6 May 2009

Project Wonderful Sponsors

On Autonomous Artisans we are lucky enough to have some fabulous sponsors that place ad's on our blog through Project Wonderful. These people help us to keep this magazine blog running and for that we are most grateful. These ad's have lead me to so many shops that are full of beautiful handmade goods some of which I want to share with you today.

This windy day print from Jade Frolics of a mother rabbit and all her baby bunnies is so bright and colourful, but it has a sad undertone. Mummy bunny can't keep trace of all her offspring and some are being blown away on the wind into the jaws of the local fox. I guess that's life. The Fox family will be eating a feast tonight.

LFN Textiles supplies gorgeous ribbons of many styles. I picked the Dahlia pattern above to demonstrate just how detailed some are and what vibrant colours they can come in. There are more subdued colours in the collection to if you are looking for a more subtle complimentary ribbon for a job.

Stonehouse Supply's shop has a selection of handmade supplies, these polymer clay pebble buttons being some of them. She also has tutorials on sale to help you to learn to make items yourself. I'm loving these pebbles. I can see a few PiratePixieCrew bags having pebble buttons, very soon.

Art Watercolor's work is so beautiful. I cannot believe the prices in her shop. This stunningly beautiful original watercolour nude can be yours for less that US$30. I think she is gorgeous. Nudes not your style? Well there are many other subjects in the Art Watercolor shop. Check it out. Get yourself an original painting.

Jazzy Jemz has been a sponsor of ours for many months. Her shop had a mixture of handmade goodies in it, most are for mothers and babies/toddlers. This crayon roll is a great idea for keeping all those colouring crayons from getting all broken in a pencil case. Each crayon has it's own slot so your young one can keep them in order and know if one is missing or not. No more ground up crayons in the carpet.

Our Project Wonderful ad box is very important to us, firstly because it introduces us to so many talented Artisans and Artists, secondly it gives us a small amount of revenue to promote this magazine blog, which gains us readers to see all the items we show you. Thanks to all the Sponsors that make it all possible! We really do appreciate your support!

Written by Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Great work displayed here, as always!

  2. These are great items! thank you for sharing:)

  3. Thank you for spotlighting the supporters! We love AA and proudly back it!

  4. Just saw that you featured my bunny. Thanks so much! That is so kind of you. Great blog!


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