23 May 2009

Coriandr Express Weekly Round up.

This week was the first of 10 weeks of the Coriandr Express Promotions train. The aim of this train is to showcase the beautiful work of people that sell through the Coriandr handmade market place. Each member of the train will have 3 days of being the VIP on the Coriandr Express and on those days all the other passengers on the train will spread the word and show off the work of that VIP.

This weeks VIP's were Kevin of Dig the Earth

and Izabela of BlueFish Handmade.

Coriandr has so many talented artisans. Check it out!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. It's been a great start to the Express Lynne, here's to much success for Coriandr!

  2. I'm glad it is working so well Kev. I hope it continues to bring in traffic to all the shops on Coriandr. There are so many great handmade goods on the site it would be a shame for people to miss it.


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