14 May 2009

Soft and beautiful!

Do you have a jacket or sweater that looks a bit dull? Do you wish you could jazz it up quickly and with no effort? Well we have the answer for you today. With one simple action you can transform plain into eye catching. We have some fabric brooches to show you. Some are fun, some are stylish, all of them are beautiful.

Little Miss Crafty created this adorable heart for you to wear on your sleeve. It is a collage of fabrics, ribbons, buttons and thread. A total one off. You will never see the exact same brooch being worn by anyone else.

More ribbon were used in the making of this brooch from Fey Designs. This time it is silk ribbon. Each one is made to order to in colours of your choosing. They are totally hand sewn and you can choose if you want beads and lace or not. Stunning, don't you think?

Little Red Designs' linen fabric flower brooch is just so pretty. Wearing it would be like bring a beautiful flower garden with you where ever you go, but unlike real flowers this one will never wilt. I love it!

Has anyone in your family just lost a tooth lately? Pannikin has a great replacement tooth for them. This cheerful tooth brooch will make anyone grin, even if they have just been to the dentist. Pinning this to your lapel and watch people smile as they notice it.

rubyjo's brooch is made from linen and a vintage embroidered handkerchief. It is so stylish and simple it is sure to enhance anything you are wearing. It's neutral tones and pretty little flower designs means it will mix and match with most items of clothing. Gorgeous!

So if you need to spice up your outfit, consider searching on Google of handmade fabric brooches and surf your way around all the talented artisans sites for your perfect embellishment.

Written by Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I love the tooth! That's so cute!

  2. all these brooches are so pretty pretty! i love the last one :) thanks so very much for including my little tooth in your blog!

  3. I love the rubyjo brooch best! So classic!

  4. All lovely brooches but my favourite is the Ruby - Jo brooch. I love the embroidery - it's such a clever idea!


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