27 May 2009

Coriandr Express VIP

The VIP on the Coriandr Express today is Julie Mills of Handmaid, a creator of scarves, purses & knitted goods. It is clear that Julie loves fabrics and takes time in searching for, or creating fabrics to use in her work. There is a strong Bird theme running through her shop at the moment. As you can see from the pretty pieces below.

This unique flying bird purse is hand printed and embroidered.

This sumptuous silk scarf was digitally printed and lovingly hand stitched by Julie.

This cute little purse is made of hand printed fabric to match the scarf.

So as you can see Julie is multi talented and shows many skills in her work. Check out her Coriandr shop for other items, not all of which are bird related.

Written by Lynne of the Pirate Pixie Crew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. beautiful - I really really want to stroke the fabrics!

  2. Doesn't it just. It must be a lovely feel having it around your neck.

  3. gorgeous! I love the little purses :)


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