13 May 2009


My favourite mode of transport has to be trains. Cars, plains and boats are all well and good, but trains are just my all time favourite. I'll be honest, I get travel sick very easily on all modes of transport other than trains. If I don't constantly watch the horizon in a car or boat I feel nauseous and we won't even go into my fear of being locked in an aircraft. One day I think I will take a trip around the World by train... I'm not sure how I'll get over the watery bits, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

It seems I'm not the only one that likes trains. Lots of people take inspiration from them as the pieces below demonstrate.

Just how adorable is this train from Guira? This unique canvas wall hanging with it's button wheels and stove pipe would look great on any wall, but especially a nursery wall.

Northwest Toycrafters shop is full of beautiful wooden toys. Strong, stylish and sturdy toys that will last through the generations of your family. This train will be clattering along the track for years to come.

This happy fun filled birthday card from Autumn Faerie will put a huge smile on the birthday boy or girl's face. My favourite passenger is the Giraffe. He looks like he is really enjoying the trip!

Wilson Graphics has made this perfect wall decal for all the train spotters out there. It appears Casey Jones is, indeed coming down the track. What a beautiful steam train!

Would you like to build your own train? Wood Marvels' kit is what you need. You can customise the train by using different patterned paper for the boiler, so if you want something a little less jazzy you can do it.

I think I might go and plan my next train Journey somewhere now. All this train spotting has wet my appetite for discovering somewhere new and getting there in style. Train journeys allow you to watch the world go by and as the train tracks take a different route to the roads you get to see everything from a different angle. Woo Wooo!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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