30 May 2009

Craft Trekkin'

Morning all.
With the latest Star Trek movie released less than a month ago, what better time to have a feature on Star Trek for the bloggie! Here is a collection of my favourite items that I found this morning.

First item to beam down today is this cool Sulu 2gb Usb stick and its' matching Pez dispenser from dhhdesigns. Incorporating two of my favourite things (computers and sweets), this would be an ideal present for any sweetie-eating geek!

Set phasers to stun-ner with this beatiful Star Trek corset as made by EveningArwen. How could Kirk resist this beatiful creation?!?! It probably wouldn't fit me, but I reckon this would look awesome on Lynne!

Mind meld yourself to these magnificent meerkats in Star Trek costumes, from the crafty hands of NiftyKnits. Not only am I a fan of meerkats and of Star Trek, but Im also a big fan of random things, and this certainly is very random. It is sure to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who sees them!

You'll want to Klingon to this awesome hat, made by Wonderland Creations! Let out your inner Worf by donning this all day, jumping out of bushes at strangers, shouting "K'PLARGH!" at the top of your voice and challenging all comers to blood knife! (Then just invite them round for a cup of tea and some cake!)

You'll live long and prosper with our final item, this beautiful Uhura picture from NonObjective. This 9x11" print would look fantastic on any mantlepiece or wall, so give in and buy it today!

That's all for today readers, the sun has most certainly got his biggest and brightest hat on today, so I'm going to go outside and roll around in the heat! We have to make the most of the sunshine when it is here in Wales! Have a great weekend everyone!

Written by Jon of Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Nice post Jon! But go on, admit it, Lynne's already got one of those corsets hasn't she... :)

  2. Soory! that comment was from me (pitfalls of sharing a computer....)

  3. Wow, it truly is amazing the amount of creativity and talent you can find.

  4. I'm a huge trekkie and loved everything you found! I think my favorite was the Meerkat bridge crew because it was so random, unexpected and adorable! I'm a sucker for animals dressed as people.

  5. What a great feature. I love those Meerkats, they made me laugh!

  6. Thanks for the feature! The corset is gorgeous - maybe we should all get one ;-)


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