5 May 2009

Flickr Group Goodies

After a weekend of missing out on fun because of being ill again and feeling sorry for myself, I decided that this week needs to be bright, colourful and fun filled. Sure being ill all the time stinks, but at least I have people that love me, a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Many people in this world can't claim to have that, so I'm in fact a very lucky person with no good reason to whine and feel sorry for myself. So in order to colour up the week I went over to our Flickr group and picked out some of the most cheerful bright items from the group members.

Highland Fairy always manages to wow me with her beautiful work. Her work is very diverse but yet all has the essences of herself in it and is very recognisably hers. This grinning cat with human like eyes reminds me that I want to come back as a kitty in a future life. I truly think cats have got it all sussed out.

Ruffles, patchwork and quilting, all in one apron, Miss Gina Designs has created a masterpiece in fabric. Even I, as a person that doesn't really enjoy cooking, would have fun prancing around the kitchen with the radio blaring out, sprinkling herbs and spices into a pan of soup wearing this. It would bring the fun back into making the evening meal.

This simple felted flower shape made it to the blog today because something about it just bought a smile to my face. The textured look of it appeals to my fibre fetish and the colours delight my soul. AileenClarkeCrafts photostream is full of beautiful pictures of her work and her surroundings. Take a look!

starpixiecreations is a very bright and colourful person. The first time I met her she had purple, blue, and turquoise woollen extension in her hair. They perfectly matched her smiling happy disposition. Not only do I adore this lady as a person, I adore her creative works. Again she has a very diverse range of items that she makes but everything she does is always such high quality.

The last choice for today is this perfect rainbow of coloured resin bangles from Quercus Silver. This lady creates some of the most beautiful pieces I have seen for sale on line. I love her style and the organic feel her pieces have. She has a great eye for keeping it simple, yet detailed enough to make them the most eye catching pieces at any craft fair.

Colours for me are very important. I drink them in with my eyes and they lift my spirit like drinking water quenches a thirst. It's funny that knowing this most of the time I wear black or dark blue. I wonder why that is... maybe it is because I look outwards rather than back at myself and I don't want the colours I wear to distract me from the beauty of all the bright colours around me... or maybe it's just because I prefer to fade into the shadows and not be noticed. All I do know is sometimes I hunger for bright colours just as I would hunger for food when I need to eat. Bring on the rainbows!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. Those are some fabulous picks! The bangles are indeed fantastic and that's a great rainbow shot of them.

  2. so bright and cheerful!! makes me smile :)

  3. Ooooh, I love everything here, and those bangles are AH-mazing - they definitely brightened my day (by the way, did you send all the rain to the USA??? We haven't seen the sun for a week!). Feel better soon and thanks for cheering up everyone's day :-)

  4. Those are some pretty picks! Very nice work from all the artisans!

  5. great picks, colorful&fun
    hope you're feeling good today!

  6. What beautiful picks, such lovely colours and gorgeous items.

  7. Great picks! Thanks so much for including my apron!


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