5 Mar 2009

Coriandr Sellers

Today is all about sharing with you some of the beautiful goods you can purchase from talented artisans through Coriandr. This site is fairly new, but it has lots of style and has attracted some amazing artisans to set up shop there. It's still looking for new sellers, so if you are creative and looking for a new venue to sell through, check it out.

I have been looking longingly at Katcha bags for some time. This lady makes the most amazing bags that tick a lot of my boxes when it comes to buying. They are stylish, well designed for purpose, made from recycled rubber, car seatbelts and they are hand sewn. No electricity used. Fabulous!

The Shy One doesn't need to be shy about her work. It is gorgeous! This Autumn thistle print of a watercolour is one of a limited print run of 30. I love the colours, textures and feeling of motion in the picture. If you look in Carols shop you'll see her talents don't stop at watercolour painting.

Miss Bumble is very talented in a craft I have tried and failed at. Needle felting is very hard to do well and Miss Bumble does it amazingly well. This giraffe is proof of that. I'm somewhat jealous. I chose to show you a close up of his head so you could see the intricate detail.

Sarah Watkins Fairbourn is the designer of this beautiful wardrobe. It would be perfect for a nursery or young girls bedroom. Sarah collaborates with a local cabinet maker who builds her designs. I think they do a fantastic job. Click on the photo so you get taken to the listing where you can see close up's of the pretty details.

Kaytea grabbed my attention instantly with her purple and orange coloured blocks. What baby could resist playing with these? Beautifully soft fleece makes them cuddly as well as fun to play with and they are fully washable, which as any mother knows is very important.

There are many other really talented, creative people selling over on Coriandr. Have a visit and a little surf around the shops and see if you can resist buying or recommending goods to other people. I couldn't! I hope you enjoyed my choices.


  1. Love the furniture. Oh and the bags. You find the nicest things!

  2. That giraffe tugs at my heart - empathy all around. It's so expressive.


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