30 Mar 2009

Staging a home for sale.

Jon and I live in a partially renovated turn of the last century house and for a very long time nothing has been done to the house and we have been living in it around all the half finished splendour. The time has come to get it finished so we can sell it and move on. With this in mind I have been trying to plan out exactly what we will do in each room and what the over all look of the house should be, hence my search through the handmade market for beautiful goods to fit the job.

Now this beautiful Cushion from Susie Stokoe may not fit in with the beige look, but it will add some colour to a room and I will be able to take it with me when I go and it fits perfectly with my love of colours.

Chuck E Byrd Wall Art is sadly something I won't be using to sell this house, but it may well feature in a house I build later on. I love this little Chimp! It's a great way to personalise a child's bedroom door.

Oops a Daisy's pretty toile de jouy decoupage side table is a great piece of staging a house for sale. Due to the black and white colour scheme it will fit into most rooms and add a bit of detail to an otherwise very plain coloured room.

This beautiful wooden bowl from Beach and Cabin would look great on a dining table with some brightly coloured fruit. I love the pattern of the grain of the spalted sycamore wood. It's not a wood I'm familiar with but I think I might search out more pieces made from it now.

Stover Tile and Design created this fabulous granite serving stand and it would look great in any kitchen. We have dark black granite work surfaces in our kitchen and this would add a lovely lighter touch in the middle of the expanse of black.

I'm a huge lover of bright colours and the thought of painting everything a bland white or off white is filling me with dread, but it is what other people want that's important when trying to sell a property. Oh well, I guess a vat of off white paint, metres of beige carpets and cream coloured drapes is the way forward. Goodbye 'Smoking Jacket' Red, 'Turtle cay' green, 'Peacock' blue, and 'Passionate Purple' sigh. At least I know after taking a look around that there are lots of beautiful handmade goods out there that I can use to stage my house to get a sale and those pieces can come with me when we do move and I can use them in my next multi coloured bright and bold home.

Where did I put those dust sheets and my paint brushes?

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. great finds, good luck with the house i've also just finished decorating mine and it has just gone up for sale.

  2. Lej, good luck! I hope you get a fast sale and get the full asking price.

  3. Good luck with the white paint! My sister painted her house in shades of khaki, ugh!
    Love your finds, too1

  4. lovely items, good luck with the house!

  5. You found some great items! I love the cushion.

  6. great finds! i'm not a fan of white either but hopefully it'll sell quick for you!

  7. Lovely picks! That serving stand is wonderful! Good luck on selling your house!


  8. Good luck on selling your house. Glad you like our chimp and I agree it would not be something I would use for staging a house for sale and staging is very important. Most of what we do would not be suited for any home that is being sold, they are just too custom for that. But when you get your new home then you can use some vinyl wall art from Chuck E Byrd Wall Art.

  9. Great items and thank you for including my granite serving stand! I'm always amazed at what others are able to make. Good luck selling your house and decorating your new house. ;)

  10. What?! you're going to get a house all cozy and then sell it :( but decoupage is happy.

  11. Now these would definitely add value to the house - not to the price tag, but to the house's design and beauty. It's interesting to think that you're designing a house that you'll eventually sell, but it'll definitely do well for the buyer and better for you. It shows you appreciate them.

  12. These are all wonderful pieces to stage a home with; looks a lot nicer than many homes that are lived in. The pillow with the fuchsia accents is lovely.


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