6 Mar 2009

Faeries, elves, imps, goblins and pixies.

Last night I found a fantastic site with lots of gorgeous fairy clothing on it and it made me want to take a look around for more. I love writing this blog. It gives me the perfect excuse to surf the net searching for goods to share with you all and last nights search turned up some beauties.

Senjo Clothing is the site that lead me to my search. The jacket above is in my shopping cart on the site, just waiting for me to raise the funds to pay for it. There are a few other items sitting in my cart too. So, who wants to buy a hat or hula hoop to speed up the process?(yes, I know, I'm a cheeky monkey!) Seriously though check it out. The Senjo Clothing site is full of fabulous wares that can be made to measure.

Elven Forest Creations made this ensemble of elvish delights. The fly away sleeve wings are amazing. Again, made to measure is offered in this shop. Your very own special handmade outfit. Elven couture!

Every good Fairy needs a beautiful pair of wings and Gobbolino makes just the thing. These white one are from her fairy wedding range, but if you want more colour take a look at her other selection. She also has clothing, accessories and monsters to share with you.

I know most of the time elves, fairies and imps like to go bare foot, but in a busy town or city it's not always practical. Fairysteps offers some gorgeous hand crafted bespoke creations to keep your tootsies safe from harm.

I love Malam's work and this Bustier is perfect for the goblin that likes the military style that is so en-vogue at the moment. If the military style isn't yours Malam has other styles in her shops that might suit you.

I think that now days it is so much easier for Fae folk to be well dressed. There are lots of talented, creative people out there making exquisit goods for us to wear. I'm off to go and promote my little tushie off so I can raise some shopping funds. Senjo Clothing, here I come!

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. Oh I love these! If I was 20 years younger...well, maybe 30!...I'd love to wear elvish clothing all teh time. (nearly wrote elvis clothing for a moment!)

  2. oooh yes....I'm a big fan of all these shops too!
    Wish I had the money to buy loads from all of them! ♥ ♥

  3. Niftyknits age is just a number and if you want to wear elvish clothing all the time I say go for it! We live in this skin but once and as long as your actions aren't hurting anyone else, live your life as you please!

    Highland Fairy I have my eye on so many of your goods too... hmmm I think I need to sell a kidney if I'm going to buy all the goods I have on my wish list right now hehehe.

    So many talented people to buy from, so few kidneys! hehehe

  4. Ahhh, I stumbled across some of these last Monday! Was creating some fairy tale teaching resources and got very sidetracked!

  5. i love everything featured here (and niftyknits, perhaps Lynne could do a piece on "elvis" clothing as well, lol!)

  6. You always find the coolest stuff! Love these!

  7. aaaaah fairy wings... The rest is really awesome as well!! thanks a lot for your lovely comments :-)

  8. Wow! Great finds! and I love those shoes!

  9. So glad I came across this blog, the links were really helpful and great choice of photos of the garments! I really love the feathery wrists and the military goblin top. Will deffinantly be keeping an eye out for more pieces like those :)


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