16 Mar 2009

Photography weekend

This weekend Jon and I spent a while photographing my new hats. As we live in such a pretty area we went out to take the photos down by the canal in our village. There is a bridge there where we can set up out supermodels and take shots with the trees and water in the background. When we got there I was really saddened by what we found. There was litter and rubbish everywhere. Why are human beings so dirty, messy and lazy? Anyway, We managed to take the photos and avoid most of the litter and fly tipping. It made me stop and think, what I could do to try and help prevent the rubbish being dumped all over our environment and clear up what is already there? Other than going out there with some heavy duty gloves and rubbish bags I couldn't come up with much. Any good ideas gratefully received.

On a happier note, here are some of the photos of my latest creations for the Pirate Pixie Crew.

Now all I need to do is get more stories and line art up on the new site and I will be able to do the big launch of the site. Everyone that buys a hat from Captain Skulduggery Dug becomes a member of her Pirate Pixie Crew and the site will hopefully soon have members only portions where crew members can read more adventures and colour in more picture and hopefully, if the programming goes right, will be able to add their names into the stories, so they become part of the adventure.

So many plans, so little time, so little coding skills!

Now I need to try and come up with a solution to the rubbish, and fly tipping problems in out little village. Where did I put those big rubber gloves?

Written my Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I adore the dark blue and brown variegated hat with the pinched-peaked top. Lovely!

  2. so very cute! I don't know about the trash thing except to put up friendly signs to please throw your trash away?

  3. Pics look great!

    As for rubbish there is a local group to me that does a yearly 'riverwalk & clean' whereas they advertise in local paper/schools etc and anyone can come for a days walk and pick up litter along our local riverwalk, and make it into a carnival day out. They don't advertise it very well though, as I always miss it until after it's over!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments about the photos. They are down to Jon really. I just primp and preen the super models and make all the hats, oh and my hands to star in the glove/arm warmer pictures.

    On the litter front, we already have a canal society that twice a year cleans out the canal and the canal path, but sadly the problem is a year round thing. I wish I could work out how to give people more pride in their surroundings and see the beauty that is there in front of their eyes if only they would stop occasionally and look at it instead of tipping their rubbish all over it.

  5. In Australia we have Clean Up Australia Day. The difference between this and your canal cleaning society is that it campaigns to get ordinary people as well as organisations involved. Even though its just once a year, I guess it raises awareness and gets people thinking about their actions.
    Unfortunately, there will be those that don't care enough and foul their own nest.


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