12 Mar 2009

It’s spring!

I know this may have occurred to everyone else, but I seemed to have entirely missed the arrival of spring, until today. It’s warm and breezy and I feel like cleaning. That’s got to mean something – I never feel like cleaning! So in celebration of my delayed reaction, I’ve chosen some things that make me excited about the arrival of this new season.

This amazing garden bag by is handmade by ohgosh. It just oozes quality and style, and is delightful to look at. It even has a double frame so you’ve got already got a purse inside. This shop will definitely be on my list when I’m looking for presents this season!

Just the thing to make treat yourself too after that spring clean – it would add a simple freshness to any room in the house. This beautiful natural wooden clock is made by Knottyburr Wood Crafts, from reclaimed oak.

I might be jumping the gun here slightly, but if you’re brave enough to actually go outside for lunch, this eco-friendly flatware set for 2 is perfect for a picnic. The maker Pony up also stocks toddler flatware sets, so you could get the whole family out in the fresh air!

Aha, I just had to add a cleaning related item. It’s very unfair on Robin101 to label these items as simply cleaning related! These four cards are beautiful. I came across some of Robin’s lovely cards in a gallery in Brighton a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled when I found these and a range of other amazing cards from Robin on folksy and etsy.

I love these little vintage style earrings, they are bright, delicate and cute! They are by MD sparks. Would be perfect with to compliment a bright, light summer dress – if you dare!

Better go start cleaning the house!

Written by Rose of Felt Giraffe


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