14 Mar 2009

Sock it to me baby!

Do you find the world of mass produced socks dull and boring. Would you like something more exciting, unique and colourful to put on your feet? Do you think your tootsies deserve to be surrounded by luxurious, lovingly hand crafted woollen creations? After all your feet work very hard for you everyday.Shouldn't you pamper them with the best?

The aptly named Feeting Frenzy made these riot of rainbow coloured socks. Just how scrummy are these! You'd have the happiest feet in town with these hand knitted beauties. They are one of a kind so quickly get over to her shop to treat your toes before they are gone.

Everyone knows that babies love pulling off their socks and sucking their toes, but have you ever considered that's because they just find the socks on their feet are too dull and boring? If that is the case Fey Designs' socks won't get removed. They are beautiful, bright and fun!

Groovy socks from The Crocodile Rock with their lace up fronts and go faster stripes down the side are going to keep your feet happy all day. You'll skip about, as if you are lighter than air without a care in the world in these. Simply gorgeous!

Not just women want to envelope their feet in fabulous handmade creations of loveliness. Galstudio knows this and has created these gems for all you men out there with a passion for colour in your life. No longer do you need to were drab black and grey socks. Liberate your feet from boredom. Jazz up your life.

If none of the above socks are floating your boat or jazzy enough for your tastes how about having a go at making your own. The Nutty Knitter has this pattern for socks ranging from baby up to adult sizes.Once you have practised the skill of making them you can make them is as many colours as you like!

So come on people,lets all give our feet a bit of love and give them the treat of some hand crafted goodness. Wear your bright beautiful unique socks with pride and relegate those dull and drab mass produced offerings to the charity shop donations bin. Treat you feet!

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. These are fun with awesome bright colors. Love them! Thanks for sharing. - CT

  2. Thanks for mentioning my sock pattern, Lynne.
    Knitting socks really IS fun!

  3. Wow you found some amazing socks! Thank you so much for featuring mine :-D Have a great weekend!

  4. Those groovy socks with the laceups are rockin'! Great finds!


  5. Ooooh cute toasty socks. Gotta love them! Those lace up ones are really cool!

  6. I love color and these socks are full of them. What fun:):)

  7. Thanks for sharing these great finds! Love the colors!

  8. I feel warmer just looking at those beautiful socks! Really neat feature!

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