28 Mar 2009

Gorgeous goods are just a click away.

Over on the right of our blog we have some Project Wonderful ad slots that are full of fabulous shops. The people advertising in those slots sponsor this blog and help us to keep it running. To show our gratitude to those people I like to feature some of their goods on the blog every now and then. It's always easy to find things to feature too because their shops are always full to bursting point with exciting products. You can see for yourself by clicking through to their shops and taking a surf through their pages.

Lori Anderson Designs has a wide range of styles of jewellery on her website. This colourful beauty is from the Whimsical range. It contains 100 handmade lampwork beads. It's a riot of colours that would brighten even the darkest day.

Next its a shop full of embroidery with attitude. Aunti Franni's take on embroidery has a very nifty twist. Yes you can find traditional styles in her shop but the ones that made me smile most were the slightly more quirky designs, such as the Crafty Ninja. As a knitter I think I might now have to make myself a ninja outfit.

Rebbeca from Soap Deli has long been one of our sponsors. She makes beautiful soaps and is also a fellow lover of handmade goods. She and her partner are so dedicated to spreading the word about handmade goods that they started up the web networking site Made By Hand. By ME. Check out the site and Rebbeca's soaps. Both are well worth a look.

Random Scraps creates gorgeous paper and card goods for you to buy. Her handmade cards are top quality and will delight anyone lucky enough to receive them. This set of 6 are simply a great way of reminding people you are thinking of them. Send someone you miss a Hello card and let them know how much they mean to you.

Artistic Jen has many talents. These unusual black fleck coloured polymer clay beads are just one of the things she has made. She also crochets and paints. Her pretty shawls and Afghan blankets are beautiful.

So now I've shown you a small sample, why not check out the rest of these sponsors shops and don't forget to visit the other sponsors too. I thank them all for sponsoring us and for sharing their multitude of talents with us.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops

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  1. That lampwork concoction is totally my thing!!! I made a rainbowy single strand necklace from my first lampwork beads! so cool


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