13 Mar 2009

Monthly Challenge update.

I thought today I would gather together the items people have already submitted to the challenge for this month, so you can all see the inventiveness and creativeness of your fellow blog readers within the topic of "New Beginnings". I'm so glad people have made time to join it. I'm also very happy to have had so much feedback from people saying they are glad I decided to bring back the creative challenges to the blog. I love the fact so many people are so creative!

Christine of Lilly Bug Boutique has created some beautiful baby rabbits and chicks to enter into the challenge. The photos above show the process of making the sculptures and a finished baby rabbit and chicks. Beautiful job Christine! You can read more about the making on Christine's blog.

Cathie of MagicMarkingArt made this cute plate and posted it to the Flickr group. I love the fact the back is decorated to and I love the pretty little chicks back and front of the dish. It's cheerful and fun and I can see it as a table centre piled high with mini chocolate easter eggs.

Meekiyu drew this pretty little girl with watering can tending her seedling. I is entitled "Just a little bit of hope". You can read about her inspiration for the picture on her blog. I agree, new beginnings bring hope for the future and I feel we are entering into a new start just as Spring is arriving.

All of the 4 above photos come from the lovely, creative, yummy mummy PrincessTigerMouse. If you click the photos they will take you to the photo on flickr where she describes all about how the wrap skirt was made and all about why she now has a new baby hair dread. The skirt is definitely a great new beginning for an old loved pair of trousers and the story behind her new dread just made me grin ear to ear. I also love the button necklace in the last photo!

Thanks to you guys for joining in. I really love when people enter the challenges and show us such a diverse range of items all made within the same topic. I know there are people out there still in the process of making their items for the challenge and I've a inkling they are going to be as fabulous as the ones shown today. I can't wait to see them. Please show these lovely people some love and leave them some comments on their blogs and photos.


  1. Hehe, hurray for being a yummy mummy! *pops chocolate into mouth*

    I always love seeing the things clever folks come up with - and I particularly enjoyed seeing Christine's bunnies and chicks transforming as works in progress.

    Really beautiful creations, everyone! I look forward to seeing the rest ♥


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