25 Mar 2009

Flickr Group Goodies.

Our Flickr Group has had lots of gorgeous goodies added in the last few weeks. If you haven't been over their lately I'd suggest you take a look. So much talent, so little blog space to show it all off. Today's pick of five are here to wet your appetite.

Highland Fairy, I confess, is one of the most creative people I have had the good fortune to meet on-line. Her talents know no bounds. This stunning painting shows off just one of her skills. I noticed in her Flickr Profile she has a new website and I will be checking that out once this article is written.

Sew Recycled created these marvellous mushroom pin cushion houses. They have such pretty little details on them and they are very useful too. I'm forever losing my pins and needles when I'm working. One of these would be a great place to keep them all.

Mossmottle makes a range of jewellery in precious metal clay (silver). This pretty ring is a good example of her work. I love the texture of the surface. She is also a painter. I'm impressed by her abstract pieces. Again it's down to the textured look of them.

Miss Gina Designs works in many mediums and when I saw this bright colourful bag in the Flickr Group pool I just knew I had to share it with you. It is made from "magic shrinking sheets", which is something I'd never heard of before. It looks great!

PJTurner created this beautiful pen from a real corn cob. Isn't it fabulous! The colour and the way the light reflects from it is just stunning. Putting a corn cob on a lathe and turning it isn't something I would ever have though possible. Brilliant!

So as you can see, the Flickr pool is full of beautiful works or art and crafts. Have a look through and find some new favourites to share with your friends.

Written by Lynne of the PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. You've almost brought tears to my eyes you lovely pixie you!!!
    Thank you so much for your kind words, and yes go and check out my new website!
    Bless your pirate stripy sox!! xoxoxox

  2. shroooooms! Those are awesome!!

  3. Thankyou! I love them too, I have put a link on my blog to the tutorial.

  4. Thank you so much for you wonderful words on my corncob pen!


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