9 Mar 2009

A word about our Sponsors

On the top right of this blog we have Project Wonderful ad spaces which are always full of great sites to visit. The people placing the ads there are helping to sponsor the running of this blog, so that we can highlight and share with you all the fabulous world of handmade goods. Today is just a thank you to our sponsors and an encouragement to you, the readers to click through to their sites, because as you will see below they have some fabulous goods on offer and they are all handmade.

I found these unusual earrings in A~Z Jewelry Design's shop. I've never seen anything like the purple conglomerate jasper stones used. I like the individuality of them. Very funky and fun.

Miss Black Pepper designs repeat patterns that can be used on a small scale by crafts people to brighten up their websites, or even be printed in small runs onto fabric for use. What a great idea!

This beautifully hand crafted baby Kimono is from Sew Classic. It's so pretty and versatile. Baby's have a habit of growing fast, so the adjustable tie fastenings on this mean it can grow with them.

Chainmaille by MBOI is a company run by husband and wife team Andrew and Kimberly. Their whole site is full of gorgeous pieces like the one above. Surf around and take a look.

Fuzzy Lumpkin Crochet is the maker of this rainbow of colours brooch. It's so cheerful that to wear it would be sure to cause a happy glow inside. The buttons just finish it off perfectly.

So all you lovely sponsors, thank you again for listing your ad's in out ad block. We really do appreciate your support. I hope that our readers come and visit all your shops, as they really do contain some beautiful work. You're a very talented bunch.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I love the combination of artists that you have included in the blog! Very nice way to thank the sponsors!

  2. Thanks for reading Glitzer. We are very lucky to have such talented sponsors!

  3. Love the kimono, purple is my favourite colour.

  4. Love your blog! Thanks so much for featuring my purple earrings. They are a favorite of mine with all the Spring/Summer fashions this year.

  5. I just signed up for project wonderful as well. Great items featured!!


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