27 Mar 2009

Hard times? Versatility is key!

As we are all aware, times are getting harder and we are all needing to make our money go a little bit further when we spend it. Well I have an idea to make those pennies go that extra mile when buying clothing and accessories. Buy goods that are versatile and wearable in more than one way. Things with versatile uses are so much more value for money.

As it is wedding season and wedding dresses cost so much I thought I'd start with one of Isadora's beautiful wedding dress that can be worn in so many ways that you will be able to wear more than that one special day and have it look like a totally different dress. Simple, sleek and gorgeous!

Sew is your face created this funky fun reversible hood, which allows you to wear it with more of your clothes. Swap which side you have showing and change the look. Also the long scarf tie allows you to change the look even more.

Mohop is a genius! These shoes can be worn in so many ways and the look be changed over and over just by adding a different strap/ribbon. You can perfectly match up your shoe straps to your outfit each time you wear them. Hundreds of pairs of shoes all in one fabulous design.

Barefoot Creations obviously understands small children and babies. This pretty pinafore dress is totally reversible, so if you are out and about and your child manages to get one side covered in tomato pasta sauce you can whip it off turn it inside out and slip it back on. Hey presto! Clean looking child. Magic!

Pinky Pig has given you 2 bags in one. This stylish tote is totally reversible so you can choose which side to have on the outside to suit your mood or outfit for the day. It doubles it's use. I'm guessing you could ask to have one made with day time fabric on one side and a more swanky evening out style fabric on the other. Then you would have a bag to take you through from day to an evening out on one of those busy days when you have to go to an event straight from work.

Investing in clothes and accessories that can be worn in many ways are a great way to save yourself some cash in the long run. There are lots of people out there handmaking versatile goods. Take a look around and see what you can find.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. what pretty and clever items. so great to have not just a choice of colours but a choice of how to wear them too. Brilliant

  2. super ideas! The dress is so beautiful. I got to get me those shoes. =D

  3. Such clever ideas...and that dress is gorgeous!

  4. They are all so clever! I love the hat scarf!

  5. Great blog and post!! Love the shoes! And the dress is gorgeous!

  6. great blog, love them all although the shoes are my favourite it would be like wearing a new pair everyday


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