31 Jan 2009

All about the writer, Jon of Hyperloop Hoops

I'm Jon, the boyfriend and helper of Lynne, feeder of Weapon X and Widget and general all round nice chap. I've lived with Lynne now for two years and will hopefully continue to do so for the rest of my life. My hobbies are mainly World of Warcraft and taking things apart, but also enjoy juggling, fire spinning and all manner of slightly odd things, though I hardly have any time to do anything any more. I have just started working for a major I.T. company and think that I have a bright future ahead of me there. I'm about to start the second of three weeks of training and am already loving it. I suppose that computers are also a hobby, and I'm more than able to take them apart and put them back together with my eyes closed.

Lynne made me put up this Action photo of me spinning flag poi

Regular (or old time) readers of the blog will know that my favourite sandwich filling is egg, bacon and ketchup, and that one of my favourite biscuits are Jammie Dodgers. The other favourite being any with chocolate on! Meal wise, I'm really into my lasagne, as well as curry (favourite meal is Chicken tikka masala, lemon rice and a keema naan) and my favourite beer is Kronenbourg 1664. I also drink a fair amount of coffee, though will never touch instant coffee as it tastes like mud.

I was "diagnosed" with ADHD at the age of 10 or so, which made it hard to make friends as I mainly just annoyed them so much they didn't really want to be near me. For example, from the age of 10, I was not invited to any of the boys at school's birthday parties until I was 16 and had calmed down a bit. As a result, I'm more than happy to work or play on my own for long periods of time and am quite self sufficient unless I'm dealing with something I have no knowledge or experience of, however, I'm more than happy to get stuck in at the deep end. I'm happy to say that I now have a very large friend base, including people all over the world. It's my own unique and full of mentalness that makes people like me I think. That, and the fact I try to be nice to everyone I know, unless they have done or said something that makes me treat with disdain.

This is me in one of my previous day jobs

As Lynne said in her "About me" blog, we are aiming for a tyre or straw bale house that we create ourselves. I'm really looking forwards to doing this, as I cannot wait to have a house that I have designed myself as it will be crafted to my specification. I am very lucky to have spent just over a year living on a houseboat (widebeam canal barge) that was on a major English canal, and it is by FAR the best place I have ever lived. I loved that fact that it wasn't a "bricks and mortar" type of house, but didn't like the distance we had to walk to the train station everyday to get to work! It was between 20 and 25 minutes each way. I'm really looking forwards to the idea of being self sufficient, however the only thing I worry about is getting a good Internet connection! I can't live without the Internet these days, I use it (or a computer) in some way every single day. I embrace technology and love gadgets. I don't like pointless gadgets I won't really use though which I have received far too many of for Christmas and birthday presents!

That's all I can really think of telling you that isn't incredibly boring really. I hope you feel that you know me a little better now.


  1. great to "meet" you, jon! congrats on your new day job...i expect you won't need to wear a large, puffy alien suit for it :-D


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