19 Jan 2009

Sandwich anyone?

Every week we ask the artisan of the week "What is your favourite sandwich filling?" and we have had many varied answers. Some of the answers made me feel hungry and others made me say "ergh, yuck!", but one thing I think they all did was reflect upon the interviewee's personality. I decided today to take a look around the handmade shops on Etsy to see what sandwiches were on offer, and here is what I found.

Crafty Anna has crocheted this classic peanut butter and jelly (or jam as we call it in the UK) sandwich kit. I love the fact it comes with its own knife and the slices of bread come off the loaf of bread. What a fabulous piece of work and you can make it too as the pattern for this set is for sale in Anna's shop.

Now it looks to me that the chicken is a little under cooked in this sandwich from Kill Taupe. I think that bear might get a stomach ache if he eats it. The poor little chicken looks terrified. I'm hoping that when the bear tries to takes the first bite the chicken gets squeezed out to fly away.

Grandy and Baa's triple decker sandwich looks full of healthy goodies, like egg, beetroot and salad. Perfect for a growing toddler. I personally, as a vegetarian, would leave out the salami, but the rest looks very yummy.

Mandolyn's Dad's cold cuts platter will stack up to be a tasty treat for the meat eaters out there, or at least it would if it wasn't made of felt. What a fabulous toy for a little one to play at making lunch with. Lots of salad to remind them to eat fresh, healthy veg as they grow up.

Sappy Moose Tree take on the sandwich might scare you if you found the real thing in your kitchen. Imagine coming home to find a Jelly fish making a sandwich out of itself with peanut butter. I think it must have misread the "Beginners guide to cooking, recipe book". Great fun!

My favourite sandwich would either be Marmite and lettuce on granary bread or curried Quorn cubes with mixed salad and mint & cucumber dressing. Most people don't like my food combinations, but I say don't knock it until you try it. Now away with you all to make yourself a sandwich and a cup of tea. See you all tomorrow!

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew

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