1 Jan 2009

New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

So the day has dawned on 2009 and it holds a whole new year of promise and opportunities. I plan on learning to spin yarn this year and hopefully start a course on green wood turning and furniture making. I want to be able to build my own Yurt from coppiced wood. I hope to encourage a lot of people to take up a craft that is dying out. Once the ways of drystone walling or hedge laying/coppicing are lost they will be lost for good. Do you have anything you plan on learning for the new year? Why not learn something a little out of the ordinary, a skill from the past.

CT Jewelry Design Freshwater pearl coin bracelet looks so shiny, beautiful and new. It is a perfect adornment for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Doesn't this little girl look like she is welcoming in all the new year has to offer. She looks so full of glee. I think I need to string my mittens like hers, so I don't keep losing them. You can find this gorgeous print in Sarah Jane Studios.

Stone Garden has created this beautiful fresh start charm bracelet that will help you charm anyone who notices it. Made from turquoise, shell, agate, coral and sterling beads on a sterling silver chain. How can anyone resist this?

Fannie Narte has made this motivational picture featuring a pretty pussy cat with a bell telling you to journey towards your dreams. Great advice for all of us, unless of course your dreams happen to be a nightmare.

Reclaimed To You dared to dream a new beginning after a really bad happening. This stunning image is a union of two images. I think they work very well together. Blue sky thinking but keeping contact with the ground. Something we all should be attempting to do.

Lets all try to look for the positive in life this year and strive to build a better way of living. New beginnings give us the perfect opportunities to strive for change, and fresh starts allow us to learn from our previous mistakes and then leave them behind us. Try to look for the commonality in other people rather than the differences and focus on the good rather than the things you don't like about them. I live in hope of peace, health, well being and safety for all, but hoping is not enough. It needs for each one of us to work towards the same goal.

Written by Lynne of Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. I love that bracelet. The colours are just right! Makes me long for summer.

  2. Thank you Lynne for featuring my freshwater coin pearl bracelet on your post. It is truly appreciated! This piece reminds me of the first snow of the season which I love so very much. Fresh and clean. I do agree with you we must always try to look for the positive in all things and focus on the good, as the bad is so non-productive. Peace and good health to you my friend and best wishes for a wonderful new year to come! Thank you again. - CT

  3. Happy New Year, Lynne!

    Just wanted to say that I've nominated this blog for the Spreader of Love Award :)


    All the best,



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