9 Jan 2009

Project Wonderful

On the left hand side of this blog we offer people advertising space through Project Wonderful and I'm happy to say that many handmade goods makers take the opportunity to promote their goods using the space. Project Wonderful is just one of the many ways to run ad campaigns on-line. I like it because it is fairly simple to use and even if you have a very small advertising budget you can find yourself some spaces to place your ad's to gain exposure. It is run like an auction and you bid on spaces to place your ad's. Many places that offer ad spaces don't put a minimum bids on their boxes, so you can even find spaces for free. You can track how well your adverts are doing and see how many click they are getting, so you can tell if the ad's are working or not. Here are a few items from people that have recently placed their handmade ad's on this blog.

Stonehouse Studio has a shop filled with stunning jewellery. This piece is the one I liked most when I visited her shop. I love the way each handmade bead is slightly different in shape and the subtle colours you can see in the polymer clay. Very stylish.

Ollie the owl caught my eye in East Coast Kitsch's shop. Such a cute critter. He looks very happy in this tree, but I bet he would be equally happy being cuddled up with a new owner on the sofa watching TV.

This fabulous photo was taken by Infivision. I chose to feature this one from the many amazing shots in his shop because of the minute detail you can see of this ant. Whilst many people find insect horrible or scary they fascinate me. They have such varied but amazing life cycles.

Jennifer Ladd is a regular advertiser on this site and I'm so glad, because she has so many gorgeous bags in her shop. I'm always clicking on the ad to see what's new. I picked this scarlet red clutch because of the cute bicycle and trees, but there are many more I adore.

This beautiful under water scene was drawn in pen and ink by Tamara Garvey. The fantastical creatures are varied and interesting and every time I look at it I see another fishie or starfish. It's truly delightful.

All these people are using Project Wonderful to drive traffic to their shops, join in the traffic and click on those ad boxes you see on the left at the top of this page. There are so many amazing shops behind those 125 x 125 pixel boxes. Click a few and see.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. How sweet of you to do this! Thanks for your kind comments about my shop!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the nice mention of my underwater drawing! I love your picks, especially that cute two-patterned clutch purse.

  3. very nice blog - lovely featuring

  4. I love how you talk about the nuts and bolts of selling art/crafts online.

  5. I'm thinking about applying to Project Wonderful to provide ad space on my blog, I'm trying to up the traffic to it first though. This is an interesting article!

  6. I would just go ahead with it Ali. You can set it so the spaces start at $0.00 so that it offers people with no budget to advertise some space. It also means your block is pretty much always going to be full.
    Having ad blocks can help to bring traffic to you as people looking for ad space will check out your site too and if they like it they will keep coming back.

  7. Thanks for the PW tips. I will need to check into it. - CT

  8. I wanted to say that I love the things that are posted on your site and I really like that cow..hehe I love that you noticed I came to visit and you followed me back, Ifeel that is how you are to build a community..

  9. Great post... I just started exploring PW this weekend.. got an ad together and put it in a few free places seems to bring a fair amount of views... now going to work on getting space on my blog.. just need to have a few more posts first. lol so I blogged about PW


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