5 Jan 2009

Valentines day is coming!

It is only just over a month until Valentines Day, so I have gathered together a few items that you might like to buy as a present for your loved one. Be sure not to forget, or you will end up in the dog house. Valentines Day also happens to be my Birthday, so that another good reason to go out and buy presents (Hint, hint, Jon). If you don't have a one special person, how about treating yourself and reminding yourself just how special you are.

On Valentines day everyone wants to have a gorgeous aroma and what better way to get that than with these beautiful hear shaped soaps from Shine your hiney soap. Scented with mango and margaritas this one is sure to set the mood. The bright red colour is so eye catching, to bathe with it would make me smile.

Now before you go on that all important Valentines Day date be sure to get those lips as soft as they can be. Seasprite Soaps has just the thing to help you with that, rose lip balm. Now I'm not just talking to the girls here. Remember that there is nothing more off putting than bad breath or chapped lips when it comes to kissing. Get balming now so that in a month you have luscious lips.

It is traditional to give flowers on this day, but for those that know me they would never do that, as I hate cut flowers. I just feel like you sit and watch their beauty fade and die. Jeweled Ambrosia offers a way to give flowers to someone like me in there beautiful vintage rose earrings. So simple, yet very elegant.

When we were kids we used to make each other pasta cards for special occasions like Birthdays. It was great fun and meant that the card you gave was unique and personal. This fabulous print from Sweetness & Light brought all those memories of PVA glue, card, paint, glitter and love flooding back. What a perfect gift to give a loved one to hang on their wall to remind them just how much they mean to you.

This pretty, colourful heart from Half an Acre is perfect for hanging on your loved ones front door, so that when they come home from school, college or work they won't be able to miss the fact that you adore them. Little gestures mean so much, so maybe attaching a little love note to the back would fan the flames of amour.

Have you decided that Valentines Day is the day you want to get down on one knee and demonstrate just how special that certain someone is to you? If you have Eidel Precious has the perfect ring for you. What says "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you" better than a stunningly hand crafted ring of white gold, diamond and sapphire? The Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness and diamonds symbolise purity. Perfect for saying you are the one for me, there is no doubt.

Being that Valentines Day is my Birthday I will probably be spending the day eating cake, being very silly, trying to convince the postman I'm not a hussy with lots of suitors sending me cards and kissing Jon a lot. I hope you all have a very special day too. Plan ahead for it and make sure you have lots of lovely surprises ready for all those you love. Oh and don't forget, you mustn't sign those cards. Leave them guessing who their secret admire is.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. Those are some great picks!! :)

  2. What great pieces, I love that noodle card!!

    Thanks so much for featuring my rose earrings. They are one of my favorites :)

  3. I'm a fan of making every other Valentines Day, Singles Awareness Day. It's only fair :)

  4. To me Valentines Day is about love, all kinds of love.Not just couples, but everyone, so every year is about everyone for me.

  5. Great way to browse! Thanks and enjoy your birthday when it gets here! - CT


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