15 Jan 2009

Flickr Friends

The Flickr group has come up top trumps again. I love looking through the photo in the group and then following those photos back to peoples shops. It turns up so many beautiful artworks and handmade goods. If you are a flickr user come along and join us. You can get to chat to the people behind the goods shown and maybe find a whole new bunch of very talented friends.

Miss Gina Designs made this beautiful custom burp cloth and bib. What a gorgeous gift to give to a new born. You can have them made with a letter of your choice. Individual and handmade, the perfect combination.

This photographic collage by LD Photography is so stunning. The two giant redwood trees some how make me feel secure. All that age, strength and natural beauty make me feel very grounded. I admit it I'm a bit of a hippy.

Cute huh? This small earthenware clay pendant is so simple but very eye catching. The maker, Winchell Clay Works, has a shop full of pretty clay pendants and beads of various shapes and sizes. Check out her shop to see them all.

I love this collage from Vantiani. I can't even explain why. The colours, the elephant, the map, everything really. It just gives me a warm giggly glow looking at it. This is just one collage in a series called Origami Balloons. The others are in her shop if you fancy taking a look.

Vintage Gal Design made this adorable handbag. It's unusual colours and pretty fabric design make it stand out from the crowd. Inside, it has useful pockets to keep your keys, phone and purse all safely stashed. It's a lovely design, good size and very pretty. All you need in a bag.

I'm so glad I started the flickr group to run along side this blog. I think it gives even more artisans the chance to get their goods seen and boy are there many talented artisans out there that deserve to be seen. Please take a look over there and join in the chat. We'd love to have you join the group.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and PiratePixieCrew


  1. Thanks for including me in your post!
    Regina Moore
    Miss Gina Designs

  2. You made my day!!! Thank you!
    Winchell Clayworks


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