22 Jan 2009


This morning whilst putting on my Wellie boot to go out and get some coal for the fire I squished a big leopard slug. It had slimed into my Wellington boot some time in the night and sadly for it, my big cheese foot came down and squished it. Poor little slug. I'm not the worlds biggest fan of slugs as they eat their way through loads of the veggies, but that has to be a really horrible way to die. In honour of the dead slug I decided to find some handmade items that celebrate slugs.

Bianca Venice photograph shows off this European slug in all it's glory. You can see all the amazing details and texture of it's skin. This one is a really dark black colour, the one I squished was a light tan colour with dark spots, hence the name Leopard slug.

Late Night Knitting has come up with a pattern to knit this cute little slug. I've never seen a slug with such big lips and even if I did I don't think I'd want to kiss it. This cutie is sure to get many cuddles and kisses.

I've never thought of giving a slug as a Valentines gift before but Mathaland has made me think what a great idea it would be. A "love U" and a pretty little card would be a fabulous gift for a loved one that isn't into all that schmaltzy lovey dovey stuff. It's sure to raise a smile.

Odd Imagination has created this vibrantly coloured polymer clay slug. This one is more like the poor departed slug, well it is except for the colours. It was less vibrant than and more camouflaged. I think this one might get spotted by the birds too easily.

I love the work of Loopy Boopy and have featured her work before but Slug Boy was a must for today's feature. Sadly Slug Boy doesn't have many slug friends, so he hangs out with the worms. Now they are a whole other kettle of fish. Worms help the soil and that helps the vegetables to grow, which I guess makes the Slug Boy happy.

Slugs are the bane of most gardeners lives. They nibble their way through everything and can decimate big leafy green plants in a night. They chomp their way into lettuces, cabbage, hosters... well anything juicy really, but despite all that I still feel sorry for the one I squished. I guess I'm just a big softy.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. *runs away* ugh

    last summer there were slugs and snails everywhere :/

    wish they were all brightly coloured though like that polymer clay slug. could brighten up the garden the same time they are eating it :p

  2. Yay for slugs! I don't know why I like them so much, but I do. At least I like to look at them, but not touch. Perhaps its the love of veggies that makes me hold a place for them in my heart and dedicate my etsy shop to creating fun colorful sculptures in their likeness!

    Thanks for the feature Lynne!

    Check out my blog for more about my slugs:

  3. Thank you for featuring my Happy Slug! The Valentine Slug is crackig me up!

  4. I love slugs and snails! These are all great items. YAY for ODDimagination! I've seen her work in person and I must say, she is very talented!


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