7 Jan 2009


Today I was shown an item on Artfire, by Painted Bull, that made me smile and I decided it was a perfect item to feature. The theme of today's blog was decided before the smile had left my face. I love when people do that, show me something that just wows me. I hope the items in this article wow you too.

This is the item responsible for today's topic of cows. Nothing Like It made this fabulous cup coaster. The facial expression is just perfect. I think I'd look just the same if someone dropped a huge cup full of coffee on my back.

Flying zoo made this fantastic flying cow. Pure genius. I don't really know what else to say other than I love it, love it, love it ! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Imagine if cows could really fly. Dodging falling cowpats would be a must.

Sock creations are usually monkeys but Kool Kooky Kreatures, has created Clarice the friesian who by all accounts is a cowolympic standard athlete. If you decide to give her a home you might have to install a gym for her at the end of the garden.

Joo Sweetie is aptly named for it is she that made these moo moo cut hair grips. They are just so sweet. Great for any little girl that needs to keep her hair out of her eyes when she is drinking a glass of cool milk.

Lily Lola's Lovely Things is the maker of Lulu the lazy cow. Lulu is only happy when laying down. She really doesn't like to exert herself. She would make a perfect companion to someone that spends a lot of time in bed. She is the exact opposite to Clarice.

I hope you liked the moooooo selection. Pretty bovines that are all looking for a good home. Could that home be with you?

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. lol..the crossed eyes are just too cute

  2. I know I want to buy that flat cow so bad...it is perfect isn't it...

  3. I think they are all perfect!!!

  4. Wow! Thanks heaps for the feature! Bessie is so proud she's blushing...

  5. Loved the Moo Cows...I know just the home for one of them. - CT

  6. I love cows! and these are sooo cute!


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