12 Jan 2009

Vibrant Vintage

Today I thought we would show some of those talented vintage sellers some love. Some people think selling Vintage goods is easy peasy, but I'm here to tell you it really isn't. It takes many hours of searching, researching and skill to become a good vintage seller. You need to be the kind of person that can sort through piles of goods to spot the gems that might otherwise have ended up in landfill. Quite often vintage sellers have to become good restorers too. They fix small flaws in the goods they find to give the items new life. It takes a good eye and patience to find the perfect goods to put in their shops.

This beautiful butterfly from Royal Pink Vintage is just one of a set of four printed and hand pencil coloured, framed pictures. They would look great as a set hung on a plain coloured wall to add a bit of interest.

Hey good lookin has these eye catching vases. They are such a fabulous rich orange colour of the base and the blue/green stylised leaves. I'm so glad that HGL found them and rescued them. I hope they find a good home where they will be treasured and used.

Being the pirate loving person that I am, when I saw these boots in NStyle Vintage shop I jumped for joy. Sadly they aren't my size, but they would make some other size 7 footed pirate a great buy. I hate wearing in new boots, so vintage boots would be perfect as someone else will have softened the leather up first.

This groovy vintage 1960's Kay Selig dress in Tialey Vintage shop is a fabulous find. Bright and vibrant, funky and fun. I think it would look great as an every day dress or dressed up for a night out on the town. The Joy of vintage clothing is you are very unlikely to bump into someone else with the same frock on.

Vintage isn't only about saving things because they are pretty, it can also be about saving things for historical purposes. Sharon Foster Vintage has a group of 4 vintage French postcards that show close ups of The Notre Dame Gargoyles. It's good to have records of the way wonderful buildings such as this looked over the years. I'm guessing the dates on the cards indicate the date the gargoyles were carved or put in place, because photography wasn't around in the 1700's. They are fabulous records or a gorgeous building.

Vintage is a specialist area of recycling and I'm very glad there are people out there taking the time to save all the fantastic items that others discard. Long may they carry on rooting and rummaging around for the pearls that nearly got away. I'm off to search for a pair of size 5UK pre-owned pirate boots and maybe a nice vintage military dress coat to go with them.

Written by Lynne of the Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. It must be like a treasure hunt. When I go looking, I have such small window of opportunity that I can't really dig in.

  2. I need to find my 1941 postcard, with the gettysburg address on it. It's been in the family for years! Well the postcard maybe older than that, just the postmark says 1941 and has a 1 cent stamp on it. I love vintage!

  3. Thank you for including our shop in your article.

    It is truly a treasure hunt, spending hours going to several shops, estate sales or auctions in one day to find maybe a couple of wonderful pieces. Oh but when that jewel sparkles and catches your eye it is such a thrill!

  4. Thank you for supporting vintage sellers! The boots are great :-)

    Happy New Year and happy vintage hunting!

  5. Thank you for including my butterfly prints!
    Yes, the hunt for good vintage takes patience and the desire to learn but quickly becomes an all consuming passion!

  6. Amen sister! What a wonderful post!

  7. Thank you for vintage love!


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