20 Jan 2009

Fresh Start

So today is an amazing day in Americas History. Finally you Americans have voted someone into the presidential position that I haven't, from over here in the UK, though "Dear God! Why did you pick him?" I'm no expert in politics and I would never claim to be, but I do feel like there is a change in the air and the fact that an African American will be taking residence in the White House today just reaffirms my belief in that. Only time will tell if Barack Obama is going to be a force for good, but just the massive feeling of this being a clean sweep maybe enough to bring a bit of optimism back into the western world, because, lets be honest, we really need a bit of optimism and joy right now.

So on the theme of clean sweeps I thought what better way than to get a fresh start than to wash away all that dirt and negativity with some beautiful handmade soaps?

Now this isn't something you're going to see every day! Nubian Body Sensations has made a soap just perfect for today. If you fancy a scrub in the tub with Barack you better get buying as this is a limited run of soap.

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen is a shop that is chock full of beautiful soaps. Even the grubbiest teenager would leap into the shower to use one of Rebecca's fabulous soaps. With such a huge range of scents on offer there is sure to be a bar of soap here for every member of the family.

SudsMuffin is encouraging all you gents to lose all those scratchy whiskers with their old school shaving lather soap bar. It contains bentonite clay to give your razor added glide to get you a beautifully smooth finish. Welcome in the new era with a new look facial hair design.

Sweet and Tranquil wants to pamper you and spice up your life with this cranberry and sweet orange, apple and cinnamon soap. Sweet and warming scents, soft suds and the beautiful look of the soap will delight your senses.

The Beer Soap Company has a shop full of beer based soaps. There is no other liquid added in the making of their soaps other than beer/stout. This one got picked just because of the chocolate content. Yes I confess I'm a chocoholic. Beer soap is great for washing your hair or body. Give it a try!

After all that washing you might want to give your skin the final treat with this solid bar of body balm from Nicki Leigh. It looks like a bar of soap but really it's a great way to carry moisturiser around with you without the fear of it leaking out into your bag. Smooth it on to your freshly cleaned body.

So today is fresh start for America at least and many non Americans want to celebrate with you. We are hoping for a real change in the way America is run and the way it behaves towards the rest of the world. Fresh starts and new beginnings are a good time to re-evaluate what is really important. I just hope the answers that come out of that process is the need to be more environmentally friendly and for people to embrace the differences there are between each of us and learn to Live and let live.


  1. Those soaps are great. I have bookmarked the beer one for those difficult men-folk who have everything ;)
    Here's to new beginnings.

  2. Thanks so much for the feature! What a great lineup of soaps you've assembled.

  3. Wonderful picks! Thanks for including our beer soap!

  4. Um...beer soap! Excellent choice! - CT


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