26 Jan 2009

Our Sponsors

We have two Project Wonderful ad blocks on the top right of our blog. We are happy to say that the people placing their ads there are sponsoring this blog and allowing us to continue to showcase lovingly handmade goods to the world each day. As a thank you to those people we like to pick goods from their shops to feature on the blog every now and then. Today I thought I'd post up some items from the people showing up as I write this.

MNH Photography is a regular in our ad block, and I'm so glad that she is as I love looking through her shop at all the beautiful photos. At the moment her shop has lots of stunning photos of birds. I chose the Blue Jay to share with you because I have never seen one before. They are not native to the UK. I thought they would be a more vivid blue colour, but the delicate blue that they are is much more beautiful than the image I had in my head that they should look like.

Another regular is Sweet and Tranquil. The photographs of her soaps make my mouth water. If they smell as good as they look I'm sure you'd never get me out of the bath. These bars are chocolate and strawberry scented, 2 of my favourite things, yum!

Stonehouse Studios made these beautiful classy earrings and again is a regular sponsor of this blog. Her shop has some of the most delightful jewellery I have seen in ages. They range from quite complex pieces to simple elegant pieces like these earrings, which are on sale at the moment so why not go and bag something gorgeous at a great price.

Just how gorgeous are these bunny hair clips from Glamasaurus? My niece would have loved some of these when she was little. She was obsessed with rabbits from the age of 3-12. Glamasaurus has sponsored us pretty much from the day the Ad boxed from Project Wonderful appeared.

6060 is a supplies seller. She sells mainly animal facial features for soft toys, like these eyes and animal noses, she also has findings for bear joints. There are loads to choose from so go and take a look. I picked these blue ones to show you because they remind me of a small blue eyed bear I had as a child.

CJ's Fine Designs makes and sells lots of cute baby goods and some handmade jewellery. The funky monkeys on this waterproof bib caught my eye, so I thought I'd share them with you. There are lots of lovely cloth diapers, baby wipes, booties, sleep sacks, changing mats and much more. If you have a baby to buy for, check out her store.

Thank you to everyone that spends their hard earn cash on our ad blocks. You're sponsorship gives us the chance to surf the net to find lots of gorgeous goods to share with all our readers and to give exposure to a lot of great handmade goods.

Written by Lynne of PiratePixieCrew and Hyperloop Hoops


  1. I always think of you when I hear about mirgraines..Well, this woman swears this works..
    As soon as you start with a headache..start breathing into a brown paper bag..Her husband is a doctor and he doesn't understand it..it worked for her..I can't vouch for it, but wanted to share it with you..

  2. Thanks for featuring us in your blog! This blog is amazing. ♥ =)

  3. Thanks Rosebud :) I'll give it a try.

    6060, thank you for supporting us! I hope the feature brings you some sales.


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