28 Jan 2009

What’s that coming over the hill?

Last weekend we made clay monsters. Not for any particular reason… just because we wanted to. We didn’t set ourselves a brief stating what kind of monsters, so this is how they turned out:

Mine is the one with the top hat and all the arms. I quite like him. He makes me laugh. Maybe this is what people should be doing during the credit crunch – behaving like children again. It’s pretty cheap! Anyway, here are some other monster creations…

This functional corduroy monster from KZ originals would make a great purse, or just a place to keep all those annoying things that float around in the bottom of your bag. I really like his big zippy mouth and mismatching eyes, how incredibly cute!

This cute felt necklace monster is made by feltathome. Her name is Orla, she’s made from merino wool and she likes biscuits and tea.

A perfect monster for a little child in your life. He’s not too scary, but he does have the perfect set of monster eyes. This squishy monster is made by gush4plush who has a wide range of equally weird and wonderful little critters.

Here’s little pretty’s crazy happy seamonster card. So simple, yet so sweet! Maybe a good one for valentine’s day?

So we’ve had squishy monsters, handy monster, and crazy happy monsters. How could I forget the good old sock monster! To be honest they normal scare me slightly, but I’ve been won over by Bugsy the blue sock monster with a tail by Vexilla. He’s ace!

Written by Rose P of Felt Giraffe


  1. {LUV} the modern monsters!!!
    They are so-o-o-o cuddly :-)

    m diggin' the blog

  2. Great monsters, one and all. And I love your clay monster!

  3. I love all the monsters featured today. Thank you for including my Green Happy Monster.

  4. Great choices today for the monsters. There is a monster inside all of us, but who says they have to be mean and nasty, they can be fun and squishy too. :)
    Thanks for including my little Fle Fle the Monster Pouch.

  5. a great article...I love the clay monsters :) Let's hear it for the monsters......

  6. love these monsters! I think I might get some clay now and sit down with the kids this weekend!

  7. Adore the seamonster in love! How sweet is that!? Ooo, I miss plasticine . . .


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