7 Jan 2009

More Flickr Finds

The Autonomous Artisans Flickr group is still going strong and you are all welcome to join, put forward photos of handmade goods and chat about items you love, crafts you enjoy, artisans you admire or just sit and stare at all the gorgeous photos of goodies that people have made. If you haven't been over there to see all the fabulous items yet, I've picked out a few to share with you.

Glamasaurus made these cookie earrings that look good enough to eat. You might have to fend off hungry passers by when you wear them.

Dangerous Mezzo is a very talented lady. This is one of her collage paintings, but she also creates gorgeous jewellery.

Are you looking for a warm hat for this winter. Dread Nought Designs has just the thing. Made from flannel and fleece it is bound to keep you feeling cosy.

Meero made these stylish fresh water pearl earrings. They have a simple elegant stirrup shape that would look fabulous hanging from any ear shape.

I love Venice and this picture from Sounds Like Rain reminds me of a happy afternoon laying in a gondola. Kay is an amazing photographer as her shop will show you.

I'm so glad I set up the Flickr group as it has turned up many wonderful artisans and given me the opportunity to share them with you. Please spread the word about it so that we can give exposure to many more independent artists and crafters.

Written by Lynne of Hyperloop Hoops and Pirate Pixie Crew


  1. That photo of Venice makes me feel all dreamy...and curious about your afternoon in the gondola. I could stare at that picture all day.

  2. My afternoon in a gondola was a very, very, long time ago. We went on a school trip to Italy and I spent a bit of a drunken afternoon with a few friends avoiding the Teachers that were supposed to be supervising us.

    I wasn't the best behaved teenager and the copious amounts of alcohol we got hold of lead me astray ;)

  3. Those earrings really look too tasty. I'd be gnawing on them. ;)


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