21 Jan 2009

Home sweet home

My boyfriend and I are thinking of buying ourselves a house this year. Even though we haven’t found the right place yet, it’s already been quite stressful and taken over our lives! We spend evenings in lively debate about where do we want to live, what type of place do we want, which mortgage should we get, what’s the market going to do, boring, boring, boring. To prevent myself from becoming the dullest person ever I’ve tried to turn my attention to thinking about what I’ll put in the lovely house that we buy.

So, firstly this funky flamingo cushion cover by cheeky boo. It is made from gorgeous Japanese fabric, with a very cute yellow mini pom-pom trim. It would look ace on any sofa, bed or if you’re lucky enough, on a lovely bay window seat. Currently I can only dream!

My favourite little felt pots - I like these so much! They look so soft but pleasingly functional. Papaververt makes a wide range of high quality bowls, vases, trays and plant cosies all of which are equally tempting. I’m so in love with these - good job my birthday is coming up soon!

This amazing Topoware set for two includes 2 salad bowls, 2 serving plates and 2 dinner plates. They are all beautifully designed, taking inspiration from topographic maps, making eating both classy and fun!

This little pin cushion by Picciolo is an incredibly stylish way to store all those pins you crafty people have got lying around. The blue felt and the red and white polkadot fabric makes the cutest crafting accessory.

Aha! Another bird themed item, but possibly the cutest bird I’ve ever seen! Rachel Mcbird has been created by cookoorikoo. Not only is Miss Mcbird cute, she’s also made from recycled material, making everyone happy, especially me!

Hopefully not long until we (and all these lovely items) find our way into a nice new house all of our own. Keep your fingers cross for me!

Written by Rose P of Felt Giraffe


  1. Purchasing a home is a big investment. Take a deep breath and take it one day at a time! Good Luck! - CT

  2. Ooh! I am crazy about the Topoware!
    That is a perfect house warming present for when you find your new home <3
    Love that!

  3. Beautiful choices Rose! I'm hoping to sell up our house and move onto a houseboat. We may have too much furniture for the boat, so I'll be doing the opposite and getting rid of things. I'm not sure a 6 foot by 3 ft sheesham wood table will even get through the door on a boat let alone fit inside .

  4. that's sweet topoware! wish i knew a way to get my own designs on media like that!

  5. Rose,
    Good luck on the house hunting. Hope you find the home of your dreams soon! :D

  6. hi Rose, thanks so much for including one of my 'homes for pins' in your selection!
    : )


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